Forbes Reveals The Highest-Paid YouTubers Of 2020

how much youtubers get paid for 1 million views Forbes Reveals The Highest-Paid YouTubers For 2020 - David Dobrik

As the year approaches a close, Forbes has once again sifted through the data, given their guestimation models a hearty test run, and compiled lists of highest-paid whatevers for our collective curiosity. Most recently, the business publication revealed who made the cut for highest-paid YouTubers in 2020.

The first observations you’ll make is how a decent portion of the top earners from this year’s cohort appeal to a far younger demographic, ranging from toy reviews made by kids for kids, the kid equivalent to a lifestyle channel, to online education-based entertainment… which may be indicative of how new-age parenting largely involves a here’s-the-iPad-now-leave-me-alone approach.

As always, excess + novelty have proven to be a winning formula with the inclusion of perennial YouTube trending list fixture, Mr Beast (real name: Jimmy Donaldson) – who has made a name for himself by engaging in acts of radical generosity and over-the-top stunts – as well as the affable vlogger turned mainstream personality David Dobrik – who has a similar schtick, albeit to a lesser extent.

Check it out below.

The Highest-Paid YouTubers For 2020 (According To Forbes)

1. Ryan Kaji – US$29.5 million

Main Channel: Ryan’s World
Subscribers: 27.6 million

2. Jimmy Donaldson – US$24 million

Main Channel: Mr Beast
Subscribers: 48.2 million

3. The ‘Dude Perfect’ Guys – US$23 million

Main Channel: Dude Perfect
Subscribers: 54.5 million

4. Rhett James McLaughlin & Charles Lincoln III (Rhett & Link) – US$20 million

Main Channel: Good Mythical Morning
Subscribers: 16.8 million

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5. Mark Fischback – US$19.5 million

Main Channel: Markiplier
Subscribers: 27.8 million

6. Preston Arsement – US$19 million

Main Channel: Preston
Subscribers: 15.4 million

7. Anastasia Radzinskaya – US$18.5 million

Main Channel: Like Nastya
Subscribers: 65.8 million

8. Stevin John – US$17 million

Main Channel: Blippi – Education Videos For Kids
Subscribers: 10.7 million

9. David Dobrik – US$15.5 million

Main Channel: David Dobrik
Subscribers: 18.6 million

10. Jeffree Star – US$15 million

Main Channel: jeffreestar
Subscribers: 16.9 million

Read Forbes’ complete highest-paid Youtubers list here.

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