Forbes’ Top 10 Rich List For 2019

Forbes’ Top 10 Rich List For 2019

Forbes has recently released their billionaire list for 2019, with a few new faces and plenty of old ones. The list includes a total of 2,153 billionaires, which is 55 fewer than in 2018. Seven of the top 10 richest in the world are American, which is contrary to the rest of the world who have mostly lost the odd billionaire or two. 

Love or loathe her (we’ll assume most of you loathe), 21-year-old Kylie Jenner is the youngest ‘self-made’ billionaire of all time after just breaking into the billionaire club earlier this year. In other slightly concerning news, vaping doesn’t appear to be going anywhere as Juul Labs’ James Monsees and Adam Bowen have both premiered on the list this year.

So here you have it, here are the top 10 richest people in the world for 2019 to make you feel even worse about yourself on hump day.

Reckon you’ll be on the list one day? You’ll need Jeff Bezos number one sign of high intelligence.

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