Bill Gates

Bill Gates Crypto NFTs TechCrunch 2022

Bill Gates Calls Bullshit On Crypto & NFTs (Again)

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has once again publicly dismissed crypto and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as digital currencies continue to tumble….

Bill Gates Saved Apple From Bankruptcy With $200 Million Investment In 1997

For the first thirty years of the personal computer age, you had a pair of high-energy college dropouts both born…

Bill Gates Transfers Melinda Gates $2.3 Billion In Stocks Amid Divorce

Bill Gates Transfers $2.3 Billion In Stocks To Melinda Gates Amid Divorce

Speculation surrounding the financial aspect of Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce after 27 years of marriage has been in the…

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Bill Gates Commissions Sinot’s Hydrogen-Powered Superyacht ‘AQUA’

Set to be the first superyacht the billionaire will actually own.

Fun Fact, Bill Gates Owns Almost $2 Billion In Apple Shares

Know thy enemy. Buy thy enemy.

Bill Gates’ Top 5 Must-Read Books Of 2019

He’s a big fan of non-fiction.

Netflix Unpacks Bill Gates’ Life With Three-Part Doco Series

Discover what makes the tech genius tick in this engaging series.

Bill Gates Admits The Biggest Mistake Of His Career

Even the greatest business and tech minds in the world get things wrong now and then.

Forbes’ Top 10 Rich List For 2019

No big surprises here.

Bill Gates Made 15 Predictions Back In 1999 – Here’s How Many Came True

He ain’t worth $135 million for nothing.

The 5-Hour Rule That Billionaires & CEOs Use To Get Ahead

Read, reflect, experiment, win.

Quirky Hobbies Super Successful People Practice In Their Spare Time

Who knew playing Segway polo or World of Warcraft could be the backbone of a successful and lucrative career?