These Companies Made US$250,000+ In Profits Per Employee Last Year
— 8 September 2020

These Companies Made US$250,000+ In Profits Per Employee Last Year

— 8 September 2020
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Fortune has crunched the numbers and presented some fascinating discoveries. The 500 largest companies in the world employ approximately 69.9 million individuals and earned a grand total of US$2.06 trillion in profits last year – that comes to an average of US$29,500 in profits per employee. But only less than 20 of those 500 companies managed to generate over US$250,000 profits per employee.

Federally-backed home mortgage companies from the US – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – made themselves at home in first and third place respectively. Sandwiched between them is none other than Saudi Aramco; the petroleum and natural gas company that had a jaw-dropping IPO back in 2019, effectively allowing it to rein as the world’s most valuable company until recently. Outside of the Big 3, however, the competition drops off by a considerable margin.

Check it out below.

Note: all $$$ = USD.

  1. Fannie Mae ($1.9 million)
  2. Saudi Aramco ($1.1 million)
  3. Freddie Mac ($1.0 million)
  4. Conoco-Phillips ($691,000)
  5. Enterprise Prod. Part. ($629,000)
  6. Rajesh Exports ($416,000)
  7. Facebook ($411,000)
  8. Apple ($403,000)
  9. Enbridge ($380,000)
  10. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance ($374,000)
  11. CNP Assurances ($295,000)
  12. AIA Group ($289,000)
  13. Alphabet ($289,000)
  14. BHB Group ($287,000)
  15. Energy Transfer ($280,000)
  16. Legal & General Group ($274,000)
  17. Microsoft ($273,000)
  18. ABBVIE ($263,000)

If you think these numbers are ridiculous, Jeff Bezos is now worth over US$200 billion – read how we put that into perspective (and try not to weep).

Source: Fortune

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