Twitch Streamers Get Paid Upwards Of AU$73,000 PER HOUR To Stream Gameplay

Twitch Streamers Get Paid Upwards Of AU$73,000 PER HOUR To Stream Gameplay

All those days spent gaming are about to pay off, with reports that the top Twitch streamers are banking more than AU$70,000 an HOUR to stream their gameplay. Yeah, an hour. 

While your mum might still think that video games are a waste of time, kindly direct her to this Wall Street Journal piece, which details the insane sums Twitch players are being paid by publishers. 

Globally, the video game industry is worth US$43.4 billion and with the top Twitch streamers racking up hundreds of thousands of views, it’s little wonder they can charge what they want. 

So while you might spend your days toiling away in an office, try not to think of the Twitch streamers who are earning close to the average salary every sixty minutes. Meanwhile, we can’t even imagine the figures being flung at Twitch superstar, Ninja – real name, Tyler Blevins. 

Ninja is Twitch’s most cashed-up gamer, earning half-a-mil every month from streaming alone and regularly kicking it with Drake. His live-streamed Fortnite session with Champagne Papi broke Twitch records by gaining 635,000 concurrent spectators. 

Between Twitch streamers making AU$70,000 an hour and Fortnite offering a cash prize of $100 million, it’s probably time to quit your day job and focus on getting better at gaming.

Seriously, AU$70,00 an hour – talk about get Twitch or Die Tryin’.

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