This ETF Lets You Bet Against Jim Cramer’s “Horrendous” Stock Advice
— Updated on 22 March 2024

This ETF Lets You Bet Against Jim Cramer’s “Horrendous” Stock Advice

— Updated on 22 March 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Anyone who dabbles in the world of investing — or simply follows just about any finance meme account on Instagram — will invariably have an opinion about the polarising Jim Cramer.

If pop culture is to be believed, the former hedge fund manager turned host of CNBC’s Mad Money is a notoriously woeful stock picker, having swung for the fences and swiped at nothing but air time after time, i.e:

  • Encouraging the purchase of Bear Stearns stock a week before it imploded
  • Urging investors to get in on the Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) IPO and selling the first day it trades
  • Being bullish on NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) six months before it halved in value throughout 2022

For anyone staring down the barrel of a dull evening at any stage this week, you’ll be happy to hear YouTube proudly hosts compilations upon compilations of his worst calls (see: below).

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Now, thanks to the enterprising folks over at Tuttle Capital Management, employing the “Inverse Cramer Strategy” has never been easier with the launch of their Inverse Cramer Tracker ETF (CBOE: SJIM).

“If he specifically says either buy, buy, buy a stock, then we’re gonna go short that stock at the next practical moment,” CEO & Chief Investment Officer Matthew Tuttle explained during a recent appearance on Bloomberg’s Trillions podcast.

“If he tells you he hates a stock or sell, sell, sell or something like that, then we’re gonna go long that name again at the next kind of practical entry point.”

But to keep things on an even keel, Tuttle Capital Management has also established the Long Cramer Tracker ETF (CBOE: LJIM) which, as the name itself suggests, will entail buying into his assertions and market analysis.

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Tuttle, who serves as adviser to both ETFs, added elsewhere: “We want to give investors on both sides of the debate a way to express their views, and create products that can provide diversification to traditional portfolios.”

Jim Cramer himself publicly commented on the inverse ETF shortly after its filing.

“As always, I welcome people betting against me. I have done this for 42 years,” tweeted Cramer.

“Those who know that you would have been betting against Apple at $5, Google since inception, Meta at $18, Amazon at $10, Nvidia at $25 and AMD at $5. I welcome all comers.”

“I want you to bet against me… Good luck.”

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Funnily enough, this isn’t the first occasion Tuttle and his company have bet against a major player in hilarious a fashion.

Back in late 2021, there was the launch of the AXS Short Innovation Daily ETF (NASDAQ: SARK) – formerly known as the Tuttle Capital Short Innovation ETF – designed to profit from the inverse strategy of prolific ETF manager Cathie Wood. More specifically, Wood’s flagship Ark Innovation ETF (NYSE: ARKK).

This occurred at a time when high-growth stocks, particularly those from the tech sector, were still trading at ridiculously inflated valuations. And as a result, the inverse Cathie Wood ETF has outperformed several of its rival offerings, including the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSE: SPY).

Find out more about Tuttle Capital Management’s Inverse Cramer ETF (and Long Cramer ETF) below.

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