Jeff Bezos Adds US$13 Billion To His Net Worth In A Single Day

Jeff Bezos has just recorded a US$13 billion increase to his net worth. A feat which seems stock standard for the Amazon Founder and CEO at first – until you consider the fact that this occurred in a single day alone. According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, this staggering windfall represents the most significant single-day increase of personal wealth since the establishment of the index in 2012. According to us… holy shit, dude.

How did old mate Bezos accomplish this? As it so happens, the Amazon stock price surged by 7.9% earlier this week due to the “rising optimism” surrounding online shopping and e-commerce – the most Amazon’s stock price has jumped since December of 2018. Totalling up growth for this entire year so far, the Amazon stock price is currently up 73%. Outrageous scenes.

Translated into the metric of dollars and cents – more specifically, the dollars and cents in Bezos’ own pocket/Swiss account – in the 2020 months that have passed, his fortune has welcomed an additional US$74 billion. Bringing his total net worth to approximately US$189.3 billion.

Ex-wife Mackenzie Bezos isn’t exactly struggling to make ends meet, either. Having gained an additional US$4.6 billion in her own right during the 7.9% stock price surge, she is currently the 13th richest person in the world with a sizeable net worth valued at over US$62 billion.

That trillionaire status doesn’t seem so far off now… does it?

Note to self: long Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN).