Jeff Bezos Now Worth Over $100 Billion In Aftermath Of Black Friday

Jeff Bezos Now Worth Over $100 Billion In Aftermath Of Black Friday

Amazon founding CEO, notorious hardass, and richest man on Earth (again), Jeff Bezos, is now worth over $100 billion USD thanks to Black Friday. All those shoppers who spent away on the annual day of savings managed to make quite the financial impact. Although this sounds impressive (which it is), this is actually only a 2% increase ($2.4 billion USD) from his pre-existing value. For perspective, a billion dollars may very well be pocket change to Bezos.

The flow of currency from that day alone sent retail stocks surging. Amazon gained 2.6%, setting the price for one share to $1,186 USD. With the imminent hard launch of the platform in Australia, you can expect the value to keep on climbing.

Bezos himself is the first person to break the 100 B threshold, the last person to even come close being Bill Gates. Gates currently sits pretty at around $89 billion USD. So the crown for modern hustle rests firmly on Bezos’ shaven, genius head.

The money doesn’t all come from the big A, however. The name of the game is diversification. And diversified, he has. Along with his Amazon holdings and cash investments, Bezos owns The Washington Post, which he paid $250 million USD for, and a $3 billion USD stake in rocket company, Blue Origin.

Congratulations are in order to the man himself. Here’s to the next $100 billion.