Why Drive A Lamborghini When You Can Blow It Up To Create 999 NFTs?
โ€” Updated on 4 October 2022

Why Drive A Lamborghini When You Can Blow It Up To Create 999 NFTs?

โ€” Updated on 4 October 2022

Take something tangible, turn it into something intangible, and then commercialise it – that’s the strategy becoming increasingly popular these days. The latest in a long line of examples involves an artist blowing up a Lamborghini Huracan and turning the fragments into 999 NFTs.

The American artist known as Shl0ms teamed up with a wealthy unknown investor in possibly the most outrageous collaboration between a supercar and the digital art world we’ve ever seen. After two weeks of explosive experimentation, Shl0ms and his team of 100 took to the dessert.

On February 2nd, a “federally licensed explosives engineer” was placed in charge of the explosion while high-speed cameras were used to capture the detonation. 999 of the Lambo’s remains were then gathered and filmed in short 4K clips rotating against a black background. These 999 videos are now the NFTs in question.

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Shortly after, a 24-hour auction took place on February 25th with bids starting from 0.01 Ethereum Coin (ETH), which roughly amounts to $35. The final sale price of the NFTs has not yet been disclosed, although each definitely sold for a hell of a lot more than $35… that’s for sure.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t Shl0ms’ first rodeo. The conceptual artist has previously destroyed a urinal similar to the one popularised in 1917 by French artist Marcel Duchamp. He then sold 150 video clips of the remains as NFTs raising US$500,000 (AU$680,000) for the entire collection. If that was his profit on a piece of porcelain, imagine an iconic Italian supercar.

Shl0ms told Fortune that the majority of the proceeds will go to fund public art installations. It’s also been made clear that the project was a stand against greed in crypto culture. Shl0ms stated that it wasn’t a protest against crypto itself, but “more a general criticism of greed and short-termism in crypto.”

Whatever the motive, when you combine NFTs with Lamborghini, there’s bound to be fireworks. And in this case, there quite literally were. Check it out below.

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