Bill Gates Crypto NFTs TechCrunch 2022

Bill Gates Calls Bullshit On Crypto & NFTs (Again)

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has once again publicly dismissed crypto and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as digital currencies continue to tumble….

Dennis Rodmans Barbershop

Dennis Rodman Is Selling Off His Iconic Hairstyles As NFTs

There are a lot of things you could say about Dennis Rodman. One of the more sedate things that The…

Lamborghini NFTs

Why Drive A Lamborghini When You Can Blow It Up To Create 999 NFTs?

Take something tangible, turn it into something intangible, and then commercialise it – that’s the strategy becoming increasingly popular these…

David McLeod NFT Art Exhibition Satellite

How The NFT Culture Is Transforming The Art World (According To David McLeod)

Cast aside all those meme-worthy notions of pixelated monkeys in beanies and weed-smoking lion Twitter profile icons. Whether you care…

Hampton Hall NFT Metaverse Mansion

The $55 Million Mansion Featuring Everything… Including Its Own Metaverse Replica

It was only a matter of time. The hype behind luxury real estate and NFTs are now converging as British…

OpenSea NFT Scam

According To OpenSea, Over 80% Of NFTs Created For Free Are Scams

Imagine for a second you’re an artist who has dedicated countless hours to your work, creating something you’re proud of…

flyfish club nft restaurant

The World’s First NFT Restaurant Is Here (Without A Cartoon Ape In Sight)

As we’ve seen, NFTs have begun to infiltrate pretty much every industry as businesses see the utility in blockchain technology….

Nas is selling rights to some of his songs as NFTs

You Can Now Invest In Your Favourite Songs & Earn Royalties

It may be time to admit that NFTs have well and truly evolved from their big-bang moment last year. As…

Australian Agave NFT

The Australian Agave NFT That Adds A Drop Of Tech To Your Tipple

If you’ve had an internet connection over the last 12 months, you’re probably keenly aware of the rising wave of…

Bored Ape NFT Typo

Some Poor Bastard Just Lost $297,000 Because of A Dumb Typo

Typos are simply inevitable. I don’t care if you’re Zaila Avant-garde or a regular desk jockey condemned to firing off…

The Metaflower Super Mega Yacht Sandbox Metaverse

Someone Just Paid $910,000 For A Virtual Mega Yacht

How do you know when you have too much spare money on your hands? Generally speaking, it’s when you start…

goldman sachs elevator watches - patek philippe

Can’t Get A Real Patek Philippe Nautilus? Buy The NFT Instead

In the stratospheric realm of Veblen goods, the Patek Philippe Nautilus is probably the most popular watch on the planet….