Bloke Turns Five Cents Into Over $18,000 With Longshot NBA Multi

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Here at BH, we like to celebrate whenever an everyday punter overcomes the insurmountable odds. Take, for example, one @niko.martinovic3 – who recently placed an incredibly negligible US$0.05 / AU$0.07 on Game 5 between defending NBA champions Milwaukee Bucks and the Chicago Bulls via Stake, only to be rewarded with a considerably heftier sum of US$18,800 / AU$26,265.

The headline-making bet was a two-leg multi or “parlay” as the Yanks like to call it. The major component involved predicting the exact final score, which Stake was willing to pay +94,000 odds on, while the other hinged upon the Giannis Antetokounmpo scoring the very first basket, which came attached with +400 odds.

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All up, the total odds came to +37,600,000. And wouldn’t you believe it, the mad lad was right on the money.

By the last buzzer, the Bucks had squared away yet another win against the Bulls with a final score of 116-100 – as @niko.martinovic3 had anticipated – with the Greek Freak having recorded opening points. Antetokounmpo would hit the showers with 33 points (11-14 FG), nine rebounds, and three assists after 30 minutes of playing time.

Now imagine if old mate threw down a full dollar or – dare I say it – ten? In any case, you love to see it.

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