Apple Dethrones Amazon To Become The World’s Most Valuable Brand
— Updated on 29 January 2023

Apple Dethrones Amazon To Become The World’s Most Valuable Brand

— Updated on 29 January 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Each year, data analytics company Kantar ranks the world’s most valuable brands.

In 2022, the usual suspects have experienced a bit of a shuffle, crowning Apple king amongst the global brands and pushing previous title-holder Amazon down to third place. Both companies sandwich Google.

According to Kantar, Apple is also on track to become the first trillion-dollar brand with a current valuation of US$947.1 billion / AU$1.36 billion. Despite having a market cap exceeding US$2 trillion / AU$2.87 trillion.

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“The combined value of the world’s Top 100 most valuable brands has increased by 23% to $8.7 trillion over the past year, highlighting the importance of brand strength in navigating an unsettled global economy,” reads Kantar’s BrandZ report.

“37 brands improved their ranking this year. In 2022, over three-quarters of brand value originated from US companies. Media & Entertainment, Business Solutions & Technology Providers, and Retail categories account for over half of the total value of the Top 100 ranking.”

Highlights From 2022

Note: all $$$ = USD

  • Microsoft, Zara, and IBM lead the way in the newly-established Kantar Sustainability BrandZ Index, which indicates sustainability already accounts for 3% of brand equity and is expected to rise.
  • Tesla is one of this year’s biggest success stories shifting to #29 from #47 mirroring the worldwide sales trend of electric vehicles more than doubling in 2021.
  • Louis Vuitton (#10; $124.3 billion) is the first luxury brand to reach the global Top 10 reflecting the growth of the luxury market worldwide and in China in particular. Louis Vuitton experienced 64% growth in brand value this year and is the first European brand to reach the global Top 10 since 2010.
  • Newcomers in 2022’s ranking emerge from a range of categories. Aramco – one of the world’s largest integrated energy and chemicals companies – debuted highest at #16. India’s IT services and consultancy Infosys arrived at #64. Latin America’s largest online commerce and payments ecosystem, Mercado Libre, entered at #71.
  • Chinese brands hold strong, despite facing unique pandemic challenges, placing twice in the global Top 10 with Tencent at #5 and Alibaba at #9. China is also the only market rivalling the US dominance in the Media & Entertainment category with WeChat at #5 and TikTok at #9.

Here are the world’s most valuable brands in 2022.

Top 10 Most Valuable Brands (2022)

Note: all $$$ = USD

  1. Apple – $947.06 billion (+55% annual growth)
  2. Google – $819.57 billion (+70% annual growth)
  3. Amazon – $705.65 billion (+3% annual growth)
  4. Microsoft – $611.46 billion (49% annual growth)
  5. Tencent – $214.02 billion (-11% annual growth)
  6. McDonald’s – $196.53 billion (+27% annual growth)
  7. Visa – $191.03 billion (0% annual growth)
  8. Facebook – $186.42 billion (-18% annual growth)
  9. Alibaba – $169.97 billion (-14% annual growth)
  10. Louis Vuitton – $124.27 billion (+64% annual growth)

You can read the full 2022 Kantar breakdown below.

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