Bloke Wins $14 Million Lottery… For The Second Time In Three Years
— 28 February 2022

Bloke Wins $14 Million Lottery… For The Second Time In Three Years

— 28 February 2022
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Three years after winning US$10 million / AU$13.9 million from a New York Lottery scratch-off ticket, Juan Hernandez has experienced some rather enviable luck by winning another US$10 million / AU$13.9 million the same way. What’s the opposite of beginner’s luck?

The Long Island native who hails from Uniondale welcomed his first windfall back in 2019 by playing the $350 million Cash Spectacular. This time around, he recreated the once-in-a-lifetime magic with the Deluxe scratch-off game, having purchased his ticket from a Stop & Shop located in Hempstead, New York (run don’t walk).

“I’m still trying to spend the $10 million I won in [the 2019 lottery],” Juan Hernandez hilariously noted via statement.

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Juan Hernandez has reportedly opted to collect his lottery winnings in a lump sum, which amounts to approximately US$6.51 million / AU$9 million after required withholdings. A decent chunk to surrender, sure, but it’s certainly better than a kick in the teeth. Or… you know… absolutely nothing at all.

Our hero’s tale, however, isn’t exactly an isolated incident. Frustrating as it may be to acknowledge, there have been several occasions involving punters being gifted a major W more than once in relatively no time.

According to CNN, one fella from Maryland managed to cash in US$2 million / AU$2.8 million for the second time thanks to a lottery last October.

A little further back in August of 2020, another operator from South Carolina won US$3 million / AU$4.2 million from the lottery – just 11 days after winning US$40,000 / AU$55,750.

You love to see it.

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