Outflank: The Free App Which Tells If You’re Being Underpaid
— Updated on 9 June 2020

Outflank: The Free App Which Tells If You’re Being Underpaid

— Updated on 9 June 2020
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Given some recent headlines relating to wage theft and certain hospitality chains packing it up, the news of this free app may be a welcome one to many. 

Introducing Outflank: an online version of what is essentially personal payroll software – and the prime tool for making sure you’re never underpaid again. 

The genesis of Outflank dates back to 2013 when its progenitor, Jesse Sudich, was stacking shelves at his local supermarket. Fast forward seven years and the app is now up and running – completely for the good of the people. 

“If you don’t know how much pay to expect, you probably won’t notice when you’ve been underpaid,” Sudich tells ABC.

“That sent me into the process of learning to code.”

Sudich’s main objective is to help Australian workers everywhere ensure they receive the compensation they are owed. As previously stated, there have been more than a few large companies copping a bit of heat for underpaying in the ballpark of several hundred million across a decade

So how does it work?

Originally, the entire concept was a synchronised spreadsheet that would track pay vs income. Over time, the idea became more sophisticated, integrating multiple occupations and industry awards, even registered company agreements. For those who are not covered by any of the above, there’s an option to customise according to pay and entitlements. 

All that’s required from the user are a few key inputs. Selecting the occupation. Maybe setting a rate. Logging the hours. And the app simply takes it from there.

Outflank is now available online, with a native mobile app version coming soon.

Find out more over at outflank.com.au.

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Garry Lu
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