Roger Federer Is Co-Developing Swiss Sneaker Brand ‘On’

Roger Federer Is Co-Developing Swiss Sneaker Brand ‘On’

Tennis all-time great, universally recognised nice guy, and sneakerhead, Roger Federer, has doubled down on his passion for kicks with his latest investment. 

The proud owner of more than 250 pairs of undoubtedly phresh sneaks has partnered up with Swiss running brand, On. And not just as the face of the company – but as a founder who will oversee product development, direct marketing, and lend his expertise as a world-class athlete.

This is a deviation from the script when it comes to athlete-brand partnerships. Generally, the former only serves the latter in the capacity of a public advocate. But it seems as though Feds is well and truly invested in this endeavour in the deepest possible sense. Of course, that tends to happen when you’re a fan first and a business partner second.

“We noticed Roger wearing On shoes and reached out to him,” says Olivier Bernhard, On co-founder. 

“It became clear that there was a unique opportunity to forge a joint entrepreneurial path that is very different from an athletic sponsorship that a big company would do.”

Federer is currently sponsored by Uniqlo, having left Nike for an incredible deal with the Japanese company reportedly worth US$300 million. It was speculated by many that this decision was made in anticipation for the multiple Grand Slam champion’s future retirement. In light of his latest endeavour, however, retirement could very well be on the visible horizon for Federer as he ostensibly looks towards a career outside of the courts.

In any case, it should be very interesting to spectate Federer’s public affairs in the coming years. Regardless of whether it involves serving up some aces or serving up some branded products.  

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