Snoop Dogg Once Turned Down Michael Jordan’s $2 Million Offer For A DJ Set
— Updated on 19 June 2023

Snoop Dogg Once Turned Down Michael Jordan’s $2 Million Offer For A DJ Set

— Updated on 19 June 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

There are few on God’s green earth who can honestly say they’ve turned down $2 million for a night’s work. Even fewer can say they’ve turned down arguably the greatest NBA player of all time. But as it so happens, Snoop Dogg earned bragging rights on both fronts when he declined a request to DJ for an event being hosted by Michael Jordan.

“One of the craziest deals I turned down was $2 million to DJ for, I think it was a Michael Jordan event, and I turned it down,” Snoop Dogg reveals on the latest episode of Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast.

“And I’d never met Michael Jordan, and I wanna meet him… ’Cause I was doing some other shit, I had shit to do, and I had way more customers before I get to you.”

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Busy schedule aside, the Doggfather isn’t exactly opposed to meeting MJ. Quite the opposite, in fact. Despite Magic Johnson being his favourite MJ – unsurprising from an East Coast rapper; Lakers for life, son – Snoop Dogg actually dreams of meeting Michael Jordan, simply in a far more intimate setting. And yes. Weed would (hypothetically) be involved.

“Nah, but I never met Michael Jordan, and I wanna meet him, and I wanna meet him on a different — I don’t wanna meet him on no, I’m not DJing. I wanna meet him as a fan, as a boss,” adds Uncle Snoop.

“It’s like: ‘Mike, I’ve loved you since North Carolina. I’m a big fan of yours. I love what you do. You one of the greatest to ever do it. Give me a couple of secrets on how you did this. Can I get a picture with you? You wanna smoke a blunt? Hey man, it’s been real.’”

Michael Jordan himself isn’t exactly a stranger to turning down an easy paycheque, either. Last year, his former agent David Falk spilled the beans during an appearance on WFAN’s Boomer & Gio radio show. While the specifics of the deal still haven’t been disclosed to this day, what we do know is the legendary Chicago Bull turned down $100 million for what was essentially a two-hour appearance.

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Michael Jordan 100 Million

“I brought [Michael Jordan] a deal three years ago for $100 million,” explained David Falk.

“And all he had to do was – other than giving his name and likeness – make a one, two-hour appearance to announce the deal, and he turned it down.”

“And God bless him. He’s been so successful, it gives him the opportunity to do whatever the hell he wants or not to do things he doesn’t want.”

“I really admire that. He’s very, very selective in the things he wants to be involved in.”

In the same interview, Falk mentioned how Michael Jordan also walked away from a one-day golf tournament appearance in the Philippines during the NBA pre-season. On that occasion, participating in one of his favourite pastimes would’ve netted him $7 million. But if Michael Jordan wasn’t taking $100 million for even less effort, he certainly wasn’t parading himself out for a measly seven stack.

Watch Snoop Dogg recount his Michael Jordan story on Impaulsive below.

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