Taylor Swift Projected To Earn Over $6.5 Billion From ‘Eras’ Tour
— 16 October 2023

Taylor Swift Projected To Earn Over $6.5 Billion From ‘Eras’ Tour

— 16 October 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Between her impact on the NFL (positive) to her impact on the environment (negative), the ubiquity of Taylor Swift has never been more evident — but neither comes close to what she’s on track to earn from The Eras World Tour.

A report published by The Washington Post, we’re talking US$4.1 billion (AU$6.5 billion), which would multiply her her near-billionaire net worth several times over.

The figure in question has been determined by Peter Cohan, associate professor of management at Boston’s Babson College.

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“That sum takes into account the millions she makes per night on the trek for performing, as well as sales of merchandise, which are also especially high,” explains ForbesHugh McIntyre.

“Cohan’s projection is based on the assumption that Swift will continue to make 85% of all the revenue generated by The Eras Tour.”

“Average ticket prices for the singer’s shows come to US$456, and when that number is multiplied by the many thousands of fans who attend each concert, it’s easy to see how the money adds up quickly.”

This comes to light just months after it was revealed that Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour was projected to net her close to US$2.1 billion (AU$3.3 billion); also based on numbers crunched by Peter Cohan.

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At the time, history’s most decorated Grammy artist was pegged to outperform Taylor Swift by a margin of approximately US$500 million (AU$793 million). But that has obviously since changed.

What’s even more incredible is the potential flow-on effect Taylor Swift and The Eras World Tour will have. In the US alone, the first leg of said tour has reportedly contributed a staggering US$5.7 billion (AU$9 billion) to the country’s economy.

McIntyre added: “That figure should climb significantly when taking into account all the nations Swift will visit.”

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