World’s Luckiest Punter Wins $10 Million On The Everest With A Free Bet
— 16 October 2023

World’s Luckiest Punter Wins $10 Million On The Everest With A Free Bet

— 16 October 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

It’s hard watching someone else live your dream. Especially when that dream is quite literally free money.

As per The Sydney Morning Herald, one lucky punter — perhaps the world’s luckiest — hit a major lick over the weekend betting on this year’s The Everest race.

The Auckland-based hero took full advantage of a free-to-play promo run by New Zealand’s TAB: correctly predict the finishing order of all 12 horses competing for an eight-figure payout.

Which he miraculously did:

  1. Think About It
  2. I Wish I Win
  3. Private Eye
  4. In Secret
  5. Cylinder
  6. Hawaii Five Oh
  7. Espiona
  8. Buenos Noches
  9. Shinzo
  10. Overpass
  11. Mazu
  12. Alcohol Free

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After 67 blood-pumping seconds of the world’s richest race, the fella in question was $10 million richer.

“I’m absolutely blown away,” said the winner.

“I saw the promotion on the [New Zealand] TAB site and thought I’d give it a crack. I didn’t put too much thought into my picks and just dropped the runners where I thought it could go.”

“I honestly could not believe I’d won it. I actually thought it was a hoax when they first rang me — I called the TAB back, and it took quite a lot of convincing before it sank in.”

He added: “To have pulled it off, winning $10 million in a free-to-play competition, is truly incredible for my family and I.”

The real kicker?

Our man initially had zero intentions to gamble on the horses. The $10 million promo was discovered while he was betting on the Rugby World Cup.

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