A Look Inside The 2018 Lexus Melbourne Cup Design Pavilion

Every year, luxury automaker Lexus brings its legendary Design Pavillion to the Victorian Racing Club’s Melbourne Cup Carnival. This year, they’re making the city’s greatest event even greater. The stakes have been raised since Lexus took the reigns as principal sponsor of the event, turning their 2018 Birdcage marquee at Flemington into a luxurious “utopia.” 

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed into the stylish pavilion, the exterior of which – this year all-black – is bold and minimalistic to contrast the stimulating, texturally rich interior, designed to emulate the sleek yet lush craftmanship of every Lexus vehicle.

The three-story structure is an evolution of Joost Bakker’s ‘Futurecave’. Naturally bathed in light, the first story has been dubbed “The Gallery”. The Gallery will feature artworks showcasing both equine and automobile horsepower to lead up to the main attraction: a Lexus’ LF-1 Limitless, a dramatic concept vehicle demonstrating the potential for a future Lexus flagship crossover.

Next comes an open balcony offering uninterrupted views of the track below. Not to be forgotten are the carefully placed bespoke lighting and furniture pieces on every level, thoughtful florals providing playful yet elegant bursts of colour, and, finally, the food.

As always, cuisine remains a firm focus in the creation of the 2018 Lexus Design Pavilion. The sense of ‘taste’ is well accounted for by Neil Perry and his ensemble of acclaimed dishes and staff. There will be boundary-pushing desserts from Ben Shewry, chef of one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and a Lexus culinary ambassador, along with reinterpreted Japanese favourites from progressive new Melbourne restaurant Future Future. On the third level, the Lexus Design Pavilion will house the largest ever seated dining room within a Birdcage pavilion, holding up to 76 guests. Artful and refined culinary experts under the guidance of Perry will serve a four-course menu, showcasing their master craftsmanship through food.

Derby Day special guests will include Elle Macpherson, Emma Freedman, Kate Waterhouse, Megan Gale and many more.

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