The 50 Greatest Excuses To Have A Beer
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— Updated on 25 April 2024

The 50 Greatest Excuses To Have A Beer

— Updated on 25 April 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

While many of you never need a specific reason to adopt a slabrador and throw back a few Robert Downey Schooners, BH thought we’d help out our fellow man, woman, and child-over-the-legal-drinking-age-of-18. Here’s a list of primo excuses to have a beer.

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  1. The 2 PM on a Friday office beer
  2. The Grand Final day breakfast beer
  3. The lukewarm nine-hole tee-off beer
  4. The post-Easter lunch pre-nap beer
  5. The ANZAC Day Two-up hotstreak beer
  6. The Boxing Day test beer
  7. The nervous pre-Hinge date beer
  8. The home Masterchef cooking beer
  9. The waiting for her to get ready beer
  10. The Qantas Club 11 AM lounge beer
  11. The roadie on the walk to the footy beer
  12. The Bob Hawke “one for the country” beer
  13. The “I’m not speaking to these cunts sober” beer
  14. The work from home 3 PM slump beer
  15. The loaded up for a weekend down the coast beer
  16. The “We just got flogged in our local league” beer
  17. The pre-game Uber beer (3-star rating included)
  18. The pre-Splendour In The Grass (Day 2) beer
  19. The post-Splendour In The Grass (Day 3) beer
  20. The touch-&-go hangover beer
  21. The dart-in-a-jacuzzi beer
  22. The 8 AM campsite wake-up beer
  23. The alpine chairlift beer
  24. The Manly Wharf Bar sunset beer
  25. The sneaky forgot-to-BYO beer (also known as the snake beer)
  26. The “Give us a taste, haven’t heard of that one” beer
  27. The BBQ & tongs security beer
  28. The waiting for that cousin at a family gatho beer
  29. The spending time with your old man beer
  30. The commence long-weekend suckdown beer
  31. The testing out your hotel room’s balcony beer
  32. The late-night Call of Duty performance enhancement beer
  33. The “Every weekday in December is a Friday” beer
  34. The “Fuck it, we’re in a recession” beer
  35. The “It’s cheaper than water” third-world vacation beer
  36. The just-closed-a-deal beer
  37. The 3 AM glass table kick-on beer
  38. The 6 AM still haven’t gone to bed yet beer
  39. The “Drowning your sorrows after watching Alexander Volkanovski lose” beer
  40. The sneaky hide-it-in-a-coffee-mug Zoom beer
  41. The calling tools down early beer
  42. The Friday Sharpeners listen beer
  43. The last one before you need to go home to the missus beer
  44. The “Earning an HR meeting” work Christmas party beer
  45. The post-lawnmowing job well-done beer
  46. The Warnie pour-over-your-head tribute beer
  47. The For Queen & Country beer
  48. The cheeky swipe of a company card beer
  49. The “Oh, go on then” beer
  50. The “It would be rude not to” beer

Help us get to the coveted 101 Excuses To Have A Beer (fire off in the comments and we’ll slot in the top suggestions).

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