The 11 Best Bits Of Barware Every Man Should Own
— 20 February 2024

The 11 Best Bits Of Barware Every Man Should Own

— 20 February 2024
Randy Lai
Randy Lai

In this latest instalment of our BH Buyer’s Guides, we explore 11 essential bits of barware that are a must for home mixologists of varying skill levels across the board. From cocktail glasses and shakers to trollies and decanters, we cover it all.

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The Best Barware & Cocktail Accessories Money Can Buy In 2024

Ralph Lauren Home ‘Hudson’ Decanter

best barware
  • Made from cut crystal glass
  • Volume: 1,200ml
  • 119mm x 240mm

Elevate your barware with the Ralph Lauren Home Hudson Plaid Decanter. This sophisticated bit of glass features the brand’s iconic tartan check, meticulously etched into the crystal for captivating light-play.

Crafted for both beauty and function, it aerates spirits while helping to present them in a smartly tailored package. Whether you’re decanting Scotch whisky, Cognac or dessert liqueur, this decanter makes a memorable statement in a range of settings.

Pasabache ‘Timeless’ Glass Jug

best barware
  • Made in Turkey
  • Volume: 725ml
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 14.5cm x 10.5cm x 9.5cm

A crucial piece of cocktail-making kit that transcends fleeting trends, Pasabache’s ‘Timeless’ jug is helpful for most of your mixing and serving needs.

The 725ml capacity technically frees you up to make multiple cocktails in one go, while the fine spout ensures you can serve directly into waiting glasses without making a mess.

In a pinch, it’s also a great bit of serving ware; adding a touch of sophistication to your next dinner party.

Williams Sonoma ‘Dorset’ Double Old Fashioned Glass

best barware cocktail shakers glasses
  • Made in Slovenia
  • Sold individually
  • 8cm x 10cm

This double-size Old Fashioned glass, by Williams Sonoma, is probably one of the more versatile additions to this list.

The hand-cut crystal edges sparkle brilliantly, catching the light with their sharp angles. Demonstrating a satisfying weight in hand (even when empty), each glass’s 340ml capacity is ideal for enjoying robust cocktails or a generous neat pour of your preferred spirit.

Talk about elevating a standard sip in the comfort of your own home…

Gigi & Tom Metal Bar Cart

best barware
  • Lockable 360° wheels
  • Two-tiers
  • Finished in gold-tone metal
  • 80cm x 35cm x 80cm

This mobile hydration station, courtesy of Gigi & Tom, is ideal for those who don’t necessarily want to fork out $1,000 for a wheelable cocktail cart.

Two wooden trays — surrounded by an X-shaped metal frame — help to showcase your favourite spirits and chosen cocktail-making kit. Plus, it’s almost as fun as a trip to your local yum cha joint, getting to wheel everybody’s drinks directly to them.

Note that this bar trolley is also stocked in a vintage silver finish.

Veladora Mezcal Glass

  • “Ideal vessel” for agave spirits
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Volume: 80ml
  • Sold as pack of 6

Sold in blocks of half a dozen, the ‘Veladora’ is a piece of useful Mexican glassware inspired by the country’s religious traditions.

Originally used for holding prayer candles, these thick-walled glasses are now an essential part of the Mezcal drinking experience. The wide mouth allows drinkers to enjoy the spirit’s complex aromas, while the underside is decorated with a distinctive votive motif.

At 80ml, the Veladora is best utilised for enjoying single pours of neat spirits. That, or tasting portions of your favourite batch-friendly Negroni recipe.

The Bartenders Hawthorn ‘Baron’ Strainer

best barware
  • Silver
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Tightly wound coil
  • Essential for shaken cocktails

More than just any old strainer, this Hawthorn strainer is more or less a mandatory piece of cocktail-making kit. The two prongs (which give the device its ‘cross’ nickname) hug the rim of most cocktail tins, ensuring ease of use.

The tight wire coil helps to filter out chipped ice or larger pieces of muddled fruit, so you’re left with a beverage that is silky smooth in texture. This is also an important utensil if you’re ever looking to double-strain.

Like most makers of bar accessories, The Bartenders offers its Hawthorn in a classic stainless steel finish; though the site also lists a more vibey rose gold option.

P&V Bar Spoon With Flat End Muddler

  • Stainless steel
  • Twisted handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Includes muddler

A versatile piece of barware (that you don’t necessarily have to buy at Mike Bennie’s excellent P&V emporium) the long bar spoon is as important to your home mixology endeavours as the jigger or Boston shaker.

The long, twisting handle aids the clockwise stirring motion needed to assemble most classic cocktails; while the flat end doubles as a muddler — allowing users to bruise fruit and garnish ingredients just enough to release their flavour, without pulverising them.

Bar Geek 18oz & 28oz Toby Tins

cocktail shakers glasses
  • Stainless steel
  • Includes x1 Boston Shaker
  • Includes x1 Toby Tin
  • Volume: 532ml-828ml

Along with a Hawthorn strainer and cocktail spoon, these stainless steel Toby Tins are the other piece of the puzzle for an indispensable cocktail kit.

Consisting of the eponymous ‘Toby Tin’ (18oz) and larger Boston Shaker (28oz), the two can be used separately and stacked, one inside another, for ease of storage.

When making shaken cocktails, wedge the smaller tin into the top of the Boston shaker to make a seal. If you’ve got ice in the latter, the vessel’s thermo-conductivity causes the metal to shrink: essentially creating an airtight shaker.

Whether you’re making Espresso Martinis or Margaritas, this is one piece of barware you absolutely don’t want to skimp on.

Cocktail Kingdom ‘Leopold’ Jigger

  • Stainless steel
  • Original brand design
  • 7.5ml, 15ml, 22ml, 45ml markings
  • Volume: 30ml/60ml

Part of Cocktail Kingdom’s Art-Deco-inspired ‘Leopold’ collection, this jigger is etched with four different fill lines corresponding to the most popular volumes used in the making of cocktails.

The site makes these in a variety of finishes, but for us, the steel is where it’s at, offering an unfussy aesthetic and maximum legibility.

In the classic Japanese bartending style, these feature usable volumes at both ends: roughly corresponding to a single and double ounce.

Avanti Lemon Squeezer

  • Rust-resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hard-baked enamel
  • Single-squeeze extraction

A brand well-known for crushing (pun intended) the hand squeezer game, this Avanti squeezer is reportedly capable of extracting a whole lemon’s worth of juice with a single press.

Equally useful when it comes to other pith-covered citruses, simply place your halved fruit cut-side down; squeezing the easy-grip handles firmly for a generous pour.

Stocked in a range of other vibrant fruit-inspired colours, this can’t strictly be classified as barware. But it honestly might as well be — especially if you’re partial to Tiki drinks or traditional daisy-style cocktails.

Maison Balzac “Clear & Green” Martini Glass

cocktail shakers glasses
  • Decorative olive
  • Hand-blown shape
  • 100% Borosilicate glass
  • Volume: 175ml

Sydney-based Maison Balzac is already popular for its coloured cocktail glasses and best-selling series of ‘J’ai Soif’ carafes. The brand’s playful aesthetic also comes across in its Martini Glass: bejeweled with a single, ornamental olive.

Hand-blown from the same borosilicate used to make the outward cocktail glass itself, these are a great addition to your drinks trolley — even when they’re not filled with your preferred elixir of vermouth and gin/vodka.

Now that you’ve assembled the building blocks of a solid home bar setup, why not take a look at several relevant recipes and bottles worth stocking it with?

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