The 17 Best Tequilas In Australia For 2024
— 5 July 2024

The 17 Best Tequilas In Australia For 2024

— 5 July 2024
Boss Hunting
Boss Hunting

Once maligned for its association with college-era Happy Hours and ‘most alcoholic units delivered per litre’, Tequila has shed that (unfairly acquired) reputation in recent years as — intrepid drinkers discover more about this complex, delightful and quintessentially Mexican spirit.

Made exclusively in the central western state of Jalisco, we’ve put together a list of the 17 best tequilas in Australia, that will give you a pretty robust snapshot of this nuanced world spirit in 2024.

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The Very Best Tequilas To Buy In 2024

Patron El Cielo

As one of the latest premium Tequilas on the market, Patron El Cielo is an essential sip when you’re in need of a light, ultra-refined spirit: best served neat, or at a push, on the rocks with a citrus of your choosing.

The signature quadruple-distilled method, used in the making of this tequila, helps to unlock “the natural sweetness and smoothness” of Blue Weber agave. Of superlative quality, Patron sources theirs from a single highly prized terroir in Jalisco’s Los Altos region.

Soldada Tequila

Soldada Tequila is an intriguing offering: given that it’s an Aussie-owned spirits brand, exclusively utilising blue agave from Jalisco. In this case, the grass-like plants that Soldada favours grow in the nutrient-rich soil of a dormant volcano, and are processed the traditional way in brick ovens.

Soldada’s entry-level ‘Blanco’ expression lends a nice edge to any number of Tequila-based drinks (e.g. the Paloma) although it’s versatile enough to work in a range of cocktail recipes.

Casa Don Ramon

For over 25 years, Casa Don Ramon has been working with top-quality agave fields and producing award-winning Tequila. Since its inception, the company has picked up some 40+ medals in international spirits competitions. The entire range uses the ‘Azul Tequilana’ variety of agave, which is sourced in Jalisco’s Los Altos region.

The biggest distinction is in the house’s means of production. Here, the tequileros blast classical music during the fermentation process: reportedly helping to positively activate the yeast, before the addition of trioxygen (which, it’s asserted, helps to “smoothen” the distillate’s rawness).

El Tesoro

El Tesoro is an obvious choice for best tequilas.

After nabbing multiple awards at the 2021 edition of the International Wine & Spirit Competition, El Tesoro is the latest darling in the premium tequila segment.

Still family-owned, and helmed by third-generation Master Distiller Carlos Camarena, El Tesoro’s most notable innovation is its pioneering use of Cognac casks during the maturation process.

The award-winning ‘Paradiso’ — awarded 98 points by the IWSC — is the ultimate expression of the El Tesoro house style. Classified ‘Extra Añejo’, it is rested for a minimum of five years in ex-cognac casks: a technique that gives this Tequila its “beautifully balanced” flavour profile.

Patron Silver

Patron is an obvious choice when looking for the best tequilas.

Patron Silver is typically the first bottle that drinkers’ minds run to when they are thinking of up-scale tequila (with good availability) on the market. At any number of crafty cocktail bars throughout Australia, there’s a solid bet that the Margarita you’re ordering has been built on the brand’s ‘Silver’ (a.k.a. blanco) tequila.

While this bottle is at its best in mixed beverages, it’s also perfectly acceptable to shoot it. A smooth mouthfeel and a great balance of flavour also make this a great candidate for the proverbial backbar: if making libations at home is your thing.

Soledad Tequila

Named for the English transliteration of “solitude,” the various Soledad tequilas are produced in the highlands of Mexico — with due emphasis on craft and provenance.

The Soledad 8-Year-Old Extra Añejo, for example, is made by harvesting the best agaves found across Ardandas (a locale in the Altos Sur part of Jalisco) which possess at least 8 years of maturity.

The result is an intensely flavourful tequila with a luxurious mouthfeel: ideal for neat sipping, or poured over a pristine ice block. Another signature is the Soledad Joven, which consists of blanco spirit blended alongside mature, 15-year-old tequila.


best tequilas

Made only from estate-grown Weber agave harvested on the outskirts of Jalisco, the Tequila Arette house style is typically brawny, full-bodied and reflective of the estate’s location at El Valle: a village pitched 1,552m above sea level.

Known among Tequila drinkers for its mixture of both traditional and modern production techniques, hero releases like the Gran Clase Extra Añejo typify what makes Arette so special. This premium, single cask Tequila utilises raw spirit from El Llano, and is racked for three years in American oak.

On the nose, the Gran Clase offers a variety of buttery dessert notes one can expect from extended ageing in American white oak — subverting the “medley of well-balanced flavours” that are, in fact, what you’ll be tasting the most of.

Clase Azul

clase azul

Known for its distinctly shaped and intricately decorated bottles, Clase Azul is a common sight at high-end bars and restaurants across Australia.

Widely regarded as one of the forerunners of the premium agave spirit trend, it’s not unusual for the label’s 1.75L ‘Ultra’ bottling to fetch upwards of $3,500 (and that’s if you’re lucky enough to find it at retail). Fortunately, the remainder of the range is slightly more approachable: with the Reposado bottling clocking in at around $350.

The brand’s Reposado expression is a great place to dive in: exhibiting the intensely woody, vanillin flavour of the house’s blue agave. The hearts of the plant are slow-cooked in traditional stone ovens for 72 hours, before being fermented in a unique strain of yeast (developed by Clase Azul) prior to distillation.

Volcán De Mi Tierra


Literally translated as “Volcano of My Land”, Volcán de mi Tierra is the ultra-premium tequila label from everybody’s favourite luxury conglomerate, LVMH.

At the centre of its unique selling proposition is the terroir: the mi Tierra distillery sits in the lowlands of Jalisco, in the shadow of a dormant 9,646-foot volcano.

The distillery’s signature offering is undoubtedly its ‘Cristalino’ — Tequila that is first aged in American oak, before being charcoal filtered to remove any colour. The result is nothing if not subversive: mingling dried fruit and tobacco flavours with the visual clarity of a blanco tequila.


For drinkers who prefer less wood influence in their Tequila, La Fortaleza is another Jalisco-based distillery that merits your attention. With its own plantations located at the estate of La Villa Sauza, the agave that goes into any Fortaleza bottling is characterised by rich minerality: as you’ll see firsthand in bright, high-proof formulations like the ‘Still Strength’.

Bottled directly from Fortaleza’s copper stills (without any additional water) the ‘Still Strength’ is a great lens on un-aged Tequila that is, despite the lack of oak, heavy on flavour.

Tertiary characteristics of oven-baked agave give way to richer undertones of butter, peppercorn and green olive – meaning that, in an ideal world, you should nosing this in your best Old Fashioned glass.

Teremana Tequila

best tequilas

Among a handful of celebrity-backed tequila brands that we’re actually intrigued by, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Teremana has been making waves with agave lovers thanks to its approachability and strong value proposition. Batch-stilled using 100% Blue Weber agave, the priciest expression from Teremana (the Añejo) will set drinkers back $106.

Meanwhile, for those new to the category, the Blanco offers up clean crisp citrus notes and a well-rounded finish. From a spot of field testing in the Boss Hunting office, we’ve found that the latter works particularly well in a Margarita.


With a strong pedigree, Terralta makes some of the best tequilas you can find.

Making their agave spirit exclusively with deep-well water, Terralta is another label from iconic Master Distiller Felipe Camarena and the team at El Pandillo distillery.

Unlike sister label G4, the Terralta house style is generally regarded as being approachable: helped along by Los Altos’ high altitude and iron-oxide-rich soil.

With a pretty robust skew of mature and unaged styles, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Terralta. To start, we’d recommend adding a bottle of ‘110 Proof’ to your collection. Bottled at 55% ABV, and fermented in stainless steel, this ‘nude’ style shines a light on all the work Camarena is doing in the plantation and distillery.

Siete Leguas

Among a number of other accolades, Siete Leguas (‘7 leagues’) can lay claim to being one of the oldest Tequila distilleries in Mexico. Their aromatic, unwaveringly traditional spirits are a constant source of acclaim; made with classic Tequila production methods such as open-top fermentation and horse-drawn tahona (i.e. the apparatus used to squeeze liquid from agave fibres).

Custodians of the original Patron Tequila — prior to the brand’s sale in 1989 — Siete Leguas operated two distilleries in Jalisco at Fabrica el Centenario and the more modern site of La Vencedora. Both locations produce their own standalone agave spirits (made exclusively on highland plants) before being blended into expressions like the 40% ABV Reposado.

As with most premium Tequilas, this ‘rested’ expression spends 8-10 months in casks: in this case, ex-Bourbon. With a moderately intense flavour and luxuriant mouthfeel, it’s best served neat — offering green, slightly unripe fruit flavours and a vanillin finish.

Tequila Ocho

Helmed by Carlos Camarena, Tequila Ocho benefits from the influence of blue agave that has been grown in the highland terroir of Aranda. Made at the historic distillery La Altena — an impressive 7,000 feet above sea level — the Ocho range is a must for those who want a crash course in premium-grade Tequilas; not to mention — a great place to start a budding collection.

Our advice is to take a run at the brand’s Reposado. Matured in ex-American whisky barrels (for the highly specific timeframe of 8 weeks and 8 days), the foundational spirit is made wholly on estate-grown blue agave — deliciously sippable with a hint of peat.


Pasote is known for being one of the best tequilas around.

August Sebastiani’s Pasote label is another relative newcomer to the premium Tequila game, this time located at El Pandillo. In a similar vein to G4 and Terralta, Pasote employs a mixture of rain and spring water in the production of their Tequilas (with exact proportions hovering around the 60:40 ratio at most times).

The classic styles of Reposado, Añejo, and Blanco are all accounted for; with the latter most assuredly standing out as Pasote’s flagship expression. Expect clean and crisp flavours of just-cooked agave, followed by a light, peppery finish.

Código 1530 Tequila

A passion project from “King of Country Music” George Strait, Código 1530 nabs a spot in our tequila-fueled buying guide despite its notorious pop culture connection.

That’s largely the result of the brand’s innovation in the production space. The agave hearts at the core of every Código expression are harvested and roasted in trad Jaliscan fashion, but a portion is then reserved and aged for one month in Napa Valley red wine barrels.

The blanco expression is an excellent way to acquaint yourself with the Código house style, before the addition of any wooden cask influences. Full of bright citrus aromas, the palate has a lot of character for an unaged tequila: offering a delicate smoothness, with plenty of mineral overtones.

Don Julio

The legendary Don Julio may be too obvious a choice when seeking out the best tequilas, but it wouldn’t be an exhaustive list of the best tequilas if we didn’t include it.

The legendary Jalisco distillery is as renowned as the product itself, with distillery tours there frequently touted as one of the most exciting things you can do while visiting.

As well-known as the brand’s blanco and reposado expressions are, the signature Don Julio bottle (at least in 2024) is undoubtedly its ‘1942’ Añejo. Described by boozehounds with the sort of vocabulary that was once reserved for premium whisky, this is a rich and complex agave distillate that is aged 24-30 months in small oak barrels.

1800 Tequila

Named for the first recorded year in which tequila was aged using wooden casks, ‘1800’ is the high-end, 100% Weber agave imprint from the team behind Jose Cuervo.

An increasingly popular sight in clubs and high-end restaurants around the country, 1800’s silver and coconut-infused tequilas do most of the heavy lifting; though we at BH are very partial to its ‘Cristalino’ expression.

Along with charcoal filtration, which gives this tequila expression its trademark clarity, the new spirit is matured in multiple stages: first, in French and American oak barrels; then finished in port wine casks. Think the richness of an Añejo, but the smoothness of a blanco.

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