The Four Pillars Christmas Gin Is Making A Very Welcome Return
— 10 October 2022

The Four Pillars Christmas Gin Is Making A Very Welcome Return

— 10 October 2022
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Continuity and consistency are comforting notions, now more than ever. And in the spirit of doing their part, internationally-celebrated local distillery – Four Pillars – has ensured its Australian Christmas Gin will make a return in 2022.

This annual tradition originated six years ago when Head Distiller Cam Mackenzie decided to throw a couple of Christmas puddings into a batch of otherwise regular Four Pillars gin. What resulted was an incredibly festive tipple that soon gained a cult following.

Since then, Mackenzie and fellow Four Pillars founders Matt Jones and Stuart Gregor have united with their families every year to make Christmas plum puddings for the next annual batch.

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Following a recipe used by Mackenzie’s own late mother Wilma on the Saturday before Melbourne Cup – which can be found in a 1968 edition of Women’s Weekly – these puddings are distilled with a winning combination of botanicals ranging from juniper to star anise and everything else in between.

Blended with gin from the previous year, it’s then aged for 11 months in 100-year-old Rutherglen Muscat barrels to add just the right amount of complexity.

At the risk of boring you with the platitude-filled tasting notes breakdown, all we’ll say is that it’s essentially what it sounds like: Christmas pudding in a bottle that’ll likely get you nice and sauced without a damn ounce of fight.

While the gin itself is more or less the same every year – apart from a “slight tweak” of Muscat during the blending stage – the labels are unique to each respective iteration and brought to you by a different Aussie artist. This year’s visual component has been accomplished by Jane Reynolds.

“Jane’s art is all about the relationship between colour, form, and light and we think the result – an abstract Christmas tree scene – is stunning,” describes the official press release.

“This is one of four artworks Jane has created for our 2022 family of Christmas treats.”

The Four Pillars Christmas Gin Is Making A Very Welcome Return

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Priced at just $105, the Four Pillars Christmas Gin will be available from October 25th both online and across storefronts in Surry Hills and Healesville until sold out.

Bundles and related items include the following:

  • Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin Pudding (400g) handmade by Silver Penny Puddings, Kilmore in Yarra Valley – $30
  • Four Pillars Sour Cherry & Fresh Yuzu & Apple Pickle (160g) – $10
  • Four Pillars Yuletide Tea Towel – $30
  • Four Pillars Gift Box – $10

  • Christmas Gin & Pudding – $125
  • Christmas Gin & Tea Towel – $125
  • Christmas Gin & Pudding & Pickle – $135
  • Christmas Gin & Pudding & Tea Towel – $150
  • Christmas Gin & Pudding & Pickle & Tea Towel – $160

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