The 50 Best Restaurants In The Middle East & North Africa Have Been Named
— 7 April 2022

The 50 Best Restaurants In The Middle East & North Africa Have Been Named

— 7 April 2022
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

Earlier this year, The World’s 50 Best – the same organisation behind authoritative annual lists ranking the top restaurants in the world, as well as region-specific rankings like the Best Restaurants In Asia – decided to show some love to the increasingly strong dining scene coming out of the Middle East and North Africa (collectively known as MENA). Call it a post-pandemic refocus if you want; this is the first year the 50 Best Restaurants In the Middle East & North Africa has ever been compiled from a panel as well regarded and influential as this. So if you’ve got a trip planned to cities like Dubai, Tel Aviv, Cairo or Marrakech, consider this your one-stop-shop guide on where to book before you jet off.

11 countries across the Middle East and North Africa have been recognised in the inaugural list, which was announced in February but largely flew under the radar when compared to the more established World’s 50 Best lists.

Unsurprisingly Dubai is the most well-represented city here, with 16 restaurants making the top 50, led by Japanese diner 3 Fils taking out the #1 spot. The harbourfront Asian-fusion restaurant, which overlooks Jumeirah Bay Island is owned by Ahmed Abdul Hakim Saleh and helmed by Executive Chef Shun Shiroma, who is best known for his work in Tokyo’s first Michelin-starred ramen restaurant, Tsuta.

Dubai also dominated the entire top 10, with six entries ranging from another Japanese eatery, Zuma (#2), to modern Indian restaurant Trèsind Studio (#4). There was barely room for much else, although Tel Aviv ranks high in the third spot and ninth spots with OCD Restaurant and George & John, respectively. Cairo also manages a spot with Sachi (#5) and Jordan slides in with Fakhreldin (#7).

“We are excited to see that 11 countries from the region are represented on the Middle East & North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants List, demonstrating the extraordinary diversity of cuisine in this region,” said 0 Best Restaurants Director of Content, William Drew.

The rankings were decided by a panel of 250 leading culinary figures across accomplished food writers and critics, chefs and restaurateurs. Each voting member was required to vote for seven restaurants, with at least one of those needing to be outside of their respective home country.

1. 3 Fils (Dubai, UAE)
2. Zuma (Dubai, UAE)
3. OCD Restaurant (Tel Aviv, Israel)
4. Trèsind Studio (Dubai, UAE)
5. Sachi (Cairo, Egypt)
6. Orfali Bros Bistro (Dubai, UAE)
7. Fakhreldin (Amman, Jordan)
8. LPM Dubai (Dubai, UAE)
9. George & John (Tel Aviv, Israel)
10. Gaia (Dubai, UAE)
11. Il Borro Tuscan Bistro (Dubai, UAE)
12. Baron (Beirut, Lebanon)
13. Coya Dubai (Dubai, UAE)
14. HaBasta (Tel Aviv, Israel)
15. Myazu (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
16. Reif Kushiyaki (Dubai, UAE)
17. Animar (Tel Aviv, Israel)
18. Trèsind (Dubai, UAE)
19. Kazoku (Cairo, Egypt)
20. Mimi Kakushi (Dubai, UAE)
21. Liza (Beirut, Lebanon)
22. Em Sherif (Beirut, Lebanon)
23. Lowe (Dubai, UAE)
24. Pescado (Ashdod, Israel)
25. Hakkasan (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
26. La Grande Table Marocaine (Marrakech, Morocco)
27. 13C Bar in the Back (Amman, Jordan)
28. Tawlet Mar Mikhael (Beirut, Lebanon)
29. Amazonico (Dubai, UAE)
30. Marble (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
31. Mirai (Manama, Bahrain)
32. Iloli (Casablanca, Morocco)
33. BB Social Dining (Dubai, UAE)
34. Coya Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
35. Indochine (Dubai, UAE)
36. Cut by Wolfgang Puck (Doha, Qatar)
37. Porterhouse (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
38. Zooba (Zamalek) (Cairo, Egypt)
39. Fusions by Tala (Manama, Bahrain)
40. Milgo & Milbar (Tel Aviv, Israel)
41. Sufra (Amman, Jordan)
42. LPM Riyadh (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
43. White Robata (Kuwait City, Kuwait)
44. Hoseki (Dubai, UAE)
45. Izakaya (Cairo, Egypt)
46. La Closerie (Tunis, Tunisia)
47. Clap (Beirut, Lebanon)
48. Butcher & Still (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
49. +61 (Marrakech, Morocco)
50. Tokyo (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

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