Ben & Jerry’s And Uber Eats Are Slinging Free Ice Cream Tubs This Week

Ben & Jerry’s And Uber Eats Are Slinging Free Ice Cream Tubs This Week

While technology and homewares have had their turn on the price-tag chopping block thanks to the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s high time for something sweet and edible to make the wallet-friendly leap for holiday money-savers. Fortunately Uber Eats and Ben and Jerry’s have just the thing: six thousand free pints delivered across six Australian cities over six days.

As part of “ice cream week”, Uber Eats is offering Aussies the chance to get their entire mouths around tubs of Ben and Jerry’s best flavours. Starting from today, the pints will be delivered across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Gold Coast, with each city only getting a one day window whereby ice cream lovers need only cover the delivery fee to get their hands on a pint.

Today is Melbourne’s turn, with 1,500 tubs up for grabs to any app users clever enough to decipher clues posted on Uber Eats’ Instagram account and find the appropriate voucher code. Tomorrow, the virtual ice cream truck will head on up to Sydney, followed by Brissy on Thursday, Perth on Friday, Adelaide on Saturday and finally Gold Coast on Sunday.

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Each city will have a “code of the day” released, sparking a bit of a quick digital treasure hunt to make you at least do a bit of leg work for your free Ben and Jerry’s. Clues will point customers towards a well-known local figure who will have the code word for the respective city. 

Melbourne and Sydney’s clues have already been released and can be found below.

Melbourne: “Rather than unmask the location of our first code, all we’ll reveal is that if you live in Victoria this person could be right next door”.

Sydney: “This hint isn’t a page turner. You’ll just always find this summer favourite on this famous stretch of sand”.