The Hot Or Not Burger Is The Newest Member Of KFC’s Secret Menu

The Hot Or Not Burger Is The Newest Member Of KFC’s Secret Menu

You’re not alone if you love a greasy KFC burger when you’re hungover, but it’s often hard to choose between an Original Recipe or Zinger fillet burger. Well, now you can have both with the addition of the Hot or Not Burger to the Colonel’s secret menu.

Along with an Original Recipe and Zinger fillet between two buns, the mouth-watering burger contains a fiery supercharged sauce, mayo, cheese, bacon and lettuce. 

“We know how much our fans love a Zinger Burger, but not everyone’s tastebuds can commit to its spiciness,” said Kristi Woolrych, KFC Australia’s chief marketing officer. “The Original Fillet and mayo will help cool down the spice of the Zinger and supercharged sauce, for those who quite can’t handle the spicy flavour hit.”

Retailing for $8.95, the Hot or Not joins a tasty range of items on KFC’s Secret Menu that includes the Zinger Chipster (a Zinger wrap filled with chips), the Kentucky Snack Pack (chips topped with Popcorn Chicken and firey supercharge sauce) and the Slide Burger (a burger with pita bread instead of buns).

Accessible only via the KFC app, you can reach the secret menu by downloading the app, selecting your nearest store and tapping “order”. When the menu appears, drag the screen down and a cartoon Colonel Sanders will appear. Hold the screen for 11 seconds and the secret menu will appear, allowing you to order all the Colonel’s hidden items.

The KFC secret menu is available Australia wide for the remainder of 2019.

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