PSA: Uber Eats Now Lets You Split The Bill Before Placing An Order

uber eats group dining

Not since Afterpay became available at Australian restaurants has your tightass mate been this excited about modern technology. Uber Eats has announced a raft of new dining features to help shave any group tension that may arise when one person is stuck ordering for multiple people. That is, you can now actually split the bill using the app, paying homage to the operators who always insist on only paying for what they order and looking on with genuine concern each and every time someone requests another food item be added to the cart.

An Uber Eats order for two or three people is never a big deal, but when you’re stuck ordering for a party of ten or more, things can get a bit dicey. Dudes have been known to duck out of the process altogether, and it’s never fun having to play debt collector in the group convo the next day. Now that the app has Bill Splitting as an option, each member of a group order only needs to pay for their own parts of the same order.

Much like when Uber Pool was introduced (and then re-introduced), the new feature may sound like an annoying additional step that needs to be taken, but it’s actually painfully easy to do.

Every group order has a leader who can either pay for the entire order as per usual or select an option where the payment can be split based on what each person ordered. There’s now a “guests pay for themselves” option under group order, so the head honcho just has to select that and then invite friends to the order as normal. All guests then use the app as if they were ordering for themselves and it’s all added to the same cart.

With the addition of Uber Eats bill splitting, the app has also introduced the idea of deadlines. That is, once you create a group you can now set specific deadlines if everything has been planned in advance like at a dinner party or… something a bit less sophisticated. This sets auto-reminders so everyone in the group knows when they need to have their individual order in before the group order is triggered.

Although you may want to note that bill splitting can’t be done after the order has been placed. Uber Eats has said some functionality will address this in the future. Similarly, you can only split the bill if the group order is from the same restaurant. But again, Uber Eats has promised to address this issue with a subsequent update to the handy group dining features.