Your Finest Establishments Just Got A Surprise Dining Experience Well Within Your Budget
— Updated on 18 June 2021

Your Finest Establishments Just Got A Surprise Dining Experience Well Within Your Budget

— Updated on 18 June 2021
John McMahon
John McMahon

Dining out should be fun, it should be adventurous and it shouldn’t have to be stupidly pricey.

How many times have you chosen to meet friends or your partner out for a mid-week meal, only to end up choosing one of only a few, go-to spots and to then order pretty much the same rump steak and pinot noir combo you had last week?

I know, I’ve done it too. But this isn’t what eating out is about. Culinary experiences are meant to be the exact opposite, and Groupon have teamed up with three of the country’s most-loved establishments to bring you a flavoursome and easy-on-the-wallet reality check.

Best of all, it’s a surprise.

Celebrity television chef Adam Liaw joined us at Manta in Sydney’s Woolloomoolloo alongside Groupon CEO Steve Traplin for an afternoon sampling the waterfront restaurant’s limited-time ‘Secret Menu.’

The Sydney locale is one of three destinations Australia-wide, with the other being Perth’s Mister Walker and the Gold Coast’s Artichoke, where Adam has joined culinary forces with the restaurant’s head chefs to reignite some excitement into the dining experience.

Until the plates were put in front of us, we were completely unaware of the foods we were about to eat. The specially-curated surprise dishes complemented the restaurant’s signature style, while spinning a left-field approach to the expected menu.

The four-course package, preempted with a glass of Chandon NV on arrival, offered only the best in locally-sourced seafood and produce, sustainable ingredients and delicious desserts.

We won’t give away too many details here, only to tell you that the ‘Taste of Groupon’ gives your favourite chefs complete freedom to design whatever they wish – meaning the end product you’ll see in front of you could be absolutely anything. With carte blanche and zero restrictions on remaining consistent with the standard menu, each restaurant will give even the most regular diners the chance to experience something new.

When you submit your dining fate to the hands of two extremely talented experts with no limitations, the only limitations come from yourself being too hesitant to try something new.

After all, the unknown is what dining is about. Break the cycle and try this limited-time offer via Taste of Groupon’s website this weekend.

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John McMahon
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