Coronavirus And Baldness In Male Patients Are Linked, Study Confirms

Coronavirus And Baldness In Male Patients Are Linked, Study Confirms

As if we didn’t have enough anxiety-inducing worries in the world, new evidence from a study on COVID-19 patients has identified a strong link between men who have contracted the novel coronavirus and baldness.

Dr. Carlos Wambier of Brown University looked at two separate sample groups of patients admitted to hospitals across Madrid, Spain.

Of the 122 men who tested positive for COVID-19 in the first case study, 79% of them had experienced hair loss in their lives. From the second study of 41 patients, 71% of them have also experienced hair loss.

The primary driver of this relationship is thought to be the increased presence of androgens (male sex hormones), which are found to enhance the virus’ ability to attack healthy cells. Androgens also happen to be the drivers of baldness. Put simply, it’s a clear indication of vulnerability to the disease.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Dr. Wambier described androgens as “the gateway for the virus to enter our cells.” Therefore, “baldness is a perfect predictor of severity.”

What’s worth noting is that the relative ages of participants in the two studies have yet to be considered in the results, and we all know that the common denominator for both baldness and a weak immune system is age. So there will be more to come on this, no doubt.

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