The Supercar-Inspired Surfboards Handcrafted To Perfection

The Supercar-Inspired Surfboards Handcrafted To Perfection

Few material things available for purchase can rival the mastery and perfection found in luxury supercars. The planks designed and constructed by Grand Prix Surfboards, however, might have just got our attention – and what’s better? They deliver the best of both worlds.

Hailing from the supercar hub of America, Southern California, the design studio pulls inspiration from the head-turning whips that grace the Pacific Coast Highway on the daily.

These aren’t just your living room trophy pieces though, let us assure you of that. Despite having physical car parts incorporated into the surfboard’s construction, such as badges and centre lock wheel nuts, these are fully functional surfboards crafted to fulfil your need for thrills beyond the road and into the water.

Our favourite is the Porsche Gulf Heritage, starting at a lazy $4,200 USD. Have a look at their best offerings below and shoot over to Grand Prix Surfboards to nab a custom design for yourself.

Imagery courtesy of Grand Prix Surfboards