The $55 Million Mansion Featuring Everything… Including Its Own Metaverse Replica
— 2 March 2022

The $55 Million Mansion Featuring Everything… Including Its Own Metaverse Replica

— 2 March 2022
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

It was only a matter of time. The hype behind luxury real estate and NFTs are now converging as British property developer Stately Homes announces the arrival of Hampton Hall. What makes the pad so special? In addition to all the high-end amenities you’ve come to expect from a palatial residence such as this, the US$40 million / AU$54.9 million manor in question also comes with its very own copyrighted blueprint and digital replica for the metaverse.

“If a buyer presents themselves for the physical home, we believe it is likely they’ll wish to own the NFT,” Fine & Country Agent Sean Barrett explains to Business Insider.

“We recently sold a £5 million house in Surrey – a period property that had been extensively renovated and extended. The developer asked the buyer whether they’d be interested in buying an NFT of the house for 2% of the purchase price of the physical asset. The developer wanted to test the waters. The buyer said yes, very quickly.”

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Hampton Hall NFT Metaverse Mansion X

To be physically built upon a 1.3-acre plot of land somewhere on the gated Crown Estate in Surrey’s Oxshott, Stately Homes has recently published renderings of this lavish dwelling in all its (projected) splendour. With plans for a grand total of 70 rooms – including 11 bedrooms and plenty of space to cater for “dinner parties, guests, family, entertainment” – Hampton Hall will offer more than 2,704 square metres “presented in Cotswold stone” flanked by Corinthian fluted columns, as well as 116 metres worth of frontage.

As for the fun stuff, here’s what else $55 million buys you:

  • Indoor swimming complex w/ steam room + sauna
  • Bowling lanes
  • Gym facilities + treatment room
  • Six-car garage w/ car elevtor to basement + auto gallery
  • Snooker room
  • Home cinema

“The prestigious Crown Estate ensures absolute privacy and a perfect blend of habitat and security,” explains Stately Homes’ official description of Hampton Hall.

“Owning Hampton Hall will be an extraordinary, breathtaking, and significant contribution to your family’s comfort whilst paying homage to a period of historical English architecture very rarely seen. This is a home of why you can be rightly proud.”

Find out more below.

Hampton Hall NFT Metaverse Mansion 1
Hampton Hall NFT Metaverse Mansion 5
Hampton Hall NFT Metaverse Mansion 7
Hampton Hall NFT Metaverse Mansion 6

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