5 Monthly Subscriptions To Help You Become A Better Man

5 Monthly Subscriptions To Help You Become A Better Man

A big old caveat before we proceed. I’m not going to pretend like I know exactly what sort of “man” you want to be. Hell, you’d have to be pretty pretentious to throw blanket statements like that out there, as if it came straight out of some definitive “playbook“. And you’d have to be a grade-A douchebag to try and push any so-called “playbooks” for “modern manhood” on your readers. These are just the best value subscriptions you can get your hands on to better the aspects of style, grooming, mind, health, and booze palate.

Check them out:

Forma Supply Co.

Price: $39.95/month
The draw:
Never worry about the basics again with Forma Supply Co. This monthly subscription sends you batches of quality shirts to keep your wardrobe circulation fresh. You’ll never have to complain about “nothing to wear”. As an added bonus, shipping is free. Definitely worth a look.


Price: $25/month
The draw: 
Picking a scent and scents in general is a whole ordeal, as we’ve previously covered. MyScent makes it a bit easier, by delivering different samples month by month so you can gradually develop a sense of what works for you, and what you like. Last month, it featured products from the likes of Tom Ford, Margiela, and Charriol. Not bad, indeed.

Whisky Loot 

Price: $59/month
The draw: 
BH’s love affair for Whisky Loot is no secret. We love the damn stuff and live by it publicly. In this package of pure joy comes three extremely well-designed glass bottles which contain rare and uncommon whiskies ready for exploration. These ain’t ya usual bottle-o drams. Accompanying the fine, brown liquor are tasting notes so you can develop an education and a palate. Give it a go.

Fuel My Fitness

Price: $43/month
The draw:
Abs are made in the gym and the kitchen. But even if you’re not after abs, it’s important that you’re consuming the very best for your body. Enter: Fuel My Fitness. The service is dedicated to shipping the aforementioned “very best” for your body. And rest assured, what you’re paying per month is far below what these products retail in the outside world.


Price: $89 USD/month
The draw:
This one has fielded much skepticism, and for good reason. One half of the founding team is none other than part-time meme (and accused snake oil salesman), Tai Lopez. But the sentiment behind this endeavour is an admirable one. Now there’s a physical and online subscription. For the sake of consistency, we’ll only be focusing on the physical delivery.

Learning does not (and should not) end when you graduate. Expand your mind with two to three books from executives and experts alike every month (depending on your subscription type). Accompanying these books are digital guides, cliff notes, and study material so you really absorb the knaw-ledge. It also comes with a bookmark and magnet, but you know. That’s just gravy.