The Coronavirus Sex Guide: What To Do, How To Do It, & Staying Safe

The Coronavirus Sex Guide: What To Do, How To Do It, & Staying Safe

There are a lot of questions up in the air regarding the novel COVID-19 (pun intended) – chiefly among them is the matter of coronavirus sex. The fascination with the virus has reached such a fever pitch, an entirely new genre of porn has spawned from it. Naturally, we thought we’d compile everything currently known about the pandemic and its relationship with the world’s oldest hobby.

Here is your official BH coronavirus sex guide.

Can I get coronavirus from sex?

Short answer: yes. But not always. Like your arrangement with that casual hook up, it’s complicated. The virus is capable of spreading from person to person through direct contact, i.e. saliva or mucus. Saliva and mucus have been known to be transferred during sex (more so the former than the latter – I think).

It can also spread from person to person within a distance of six feet, i.e. coughing and sneezing. And no, a leather gimp mask probably won’t prevent anything. As per the New York City Health authorities, “… we know that other coronaviruses do no efficiently transmit through sex…”. Meaning despite the low probability, it’s always a possibility.

Coronavirus sex

The matter of oral…

Oral is the foundation of good sex, as we’ve so firmly established with previous articles slash the entire history of good sex known to humankind. In terms of old mate COVID-19, it hasn’t been found in semen or vaginal fluid thus far. So we’ve got that going for us. It is, however, worth keeping the whole transmission through saliva thing in mind. If you really must, it has been advised that a condom or dental dam could be a good prevention method (but I seriously doubt anyone will just for oral).

The matter of eating ass/ass play in general…

For all the fans of groceries out there, there’s some bad news. Unlike semen and vaginal fluid, COVID-19 has been found in feces. Naturally, it is advised that you abstain from getting your booty charcuterie on until further notice.

As for other forms of ass play, be it with toys or other appendages that aren’t genitals, medical professionals have advised that you also take extra precautions in this realm. Wash them/yourself thoroughly. Soap, disinfectant, what have you, and all. That’s before and after the act(s).

NOTE: Toys should always be washed regardless of whether it has experienced anal or vaginal penetration.

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How do I have safe sex during the coronavirus pandemic?

Not to be that high school church mum, but technically speaking, the safest form of sex is masturbation. No one ever caught anything from playing a little five-on-one/ringing the doorbell. There’s no better time either, with the current lockdown and free Pornhub Premium for all. COVI9-19 or no, wash your hands after for a minimum of twenty seconds with soap afterwards. A recommendation to clean keyboards has also been issued.

Next to solo work – and onto what the majority of people reading this really want to find out – sex that poses the lowest form of risk is sex between yourself and somebody you live with. This can refer to a partner or… not a partner. Hey – no judgement, we don’t have to label anything. 21st century. You’re talking to cool dad, remember? [Finger guns.]

The smaller the circle of interaction the better, so avoid the casual flings while all this is going on. And avoid any unnecessary contact – sexual or otherwise – with those outside of your household.

What do I do if my partner is feeling unwell?

No, this isn’t some punchline about “headaches” or having “an early meeting tomorrow meeting” some hack stand-up comic in the 90s penned for a tepid audience reaction. We’re talking about indications of coronavirus and the like.

It goes without saying that if your partner has COVID-19 or is displaying COVID-19 symptoms, sex should be off the table. Even simply kissing… especially kissing, actually. This goes double for those of you who suffer from an existing medical condition, e.g. lung, heart, kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, of anything that compromises your immune system.

The best way I’d describe coronavirus sex – not cumming won’t kill you. But cumming might.

The Coronavirus Sex Guide: What To Do, How To Do It, & Staying Safe

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