New Data Reveals This Is How You Get More Bumble Matches
Romantic Man Giving a Rose to Woman on a Date
— Updated on 2 August 2021

New Data Reveals This Is How You Get More Bumble Matches

— Updated on 2 August 2021
Sera Bozza
Sera Bozza

Dating apps have one job; matching singles who like each other. 

However, all bar one app has been able to iron out a single fundamental flaw – men and women approach a ‘like’ completely differently.

Most of you guys swipe right on every second woman and filter after the fact. But us women are hyper-vigilant with our right swipes. You have to have a bang-on profile to earn one. So if it feels like you’re constantly expending effort swiping and yielding terrible results – this might be why.

Eventually, we all get less enthused about the whole dating thing. A ‘match’ doesn’t end up meaning a whole lot, does it? Just a new notification most of us can be bothered doing anything about. 

I know, because I’ve been there. But there is one app which is way ahead of the curveball. Bumble, the women-orientated social networking platform is proactively responding to the mess above that we’re all equally responsible for creating.

“Women make the first move on Bumble,” is more than branding; it’s actually a genius twofold verification strategy that makes the system work. 

We have to prove twice that we do in fact ‘like’ you. Here, allow me to explain further…

How the two-fold system works

1. When I swipe, I deeply analyse and vet your profile. I look for your teeth, eyes, height – and most importantly, a lack thereof. I probably find my way across to your Instagram, too. If I like what I see, I send my right swipe off into the universe with a little prayer that it finds its way back to me.

If the match comes through, next I have to…

2. Initiate the chat, within 24 hours. If I don’t act fast, my window of opportunity to meet you is gone. There’s no accumulating endless match queues just to feel hot and wanted (not that I ever…)

If I don’t make a move, our match expires. Simple.

By the time you hear from me, I’m already interested – very interested. I’ve had to prove it to myself and to you. This formula injects a lot more enthusiasm and meaning back into a ‘match.’

Survival of the fittest

Gents, if you want to hear from us keen beans, you really don’t need to do a whole lot. By the very nature of us taking charge, unengaging half-assed profiles simply don’t make it passed the gatekeeper.

It’s Darwin’s theory of evolution at play; if your competition can’t adapt, they simply get left behind – so don’t get left behind.

The guys with blurred pictures, repetitive pillow selfies and snaps of things that aren’t theirs (we know that shot of you standing next to a Ferrari probably isn’t yours!) simply aren’t getting a right swipe. Ever.

Us calling the shots means the cream rises to the top, and considering what we generally have to deal with, you need to do surprisingly little to stand out from the crowd.

Bumble tips for a bang-on profile

Regardless of what style of connection you’re actually looking for (and there’s scope to add that in too) a glance over this list will put you in the top percentile of blokes with access to the largest percentile of women. It’s a classic numbers game that any betting man can get behind, and it’s a recipe that has the hard data to back it.

Aussies who use between 3-6 pictures, get a staggering 93% more matches

The more pictures the better. Try and include photos with your favourite places/hobbies/things, so we can use it as leverage when commencing the chat.

Of the half a dozen photos, please include one where we can see your eyes, one solo shot (so we can identify you in the group shots you insist on including), and one full-body shot too.

Verified photos have a 24% greater chance of a match

Get your photos verified. It proves to us that you are who you actually say you are, but it shows that you’re considerate, and we like that. 

Profiles with a bio get one third more matches than those without

Write a bio (or get your mate to write you one). It’s really not that much effort for a 33% more chance of a match than profiles without one. Keep it short and sweet. Humour kills. It should always be upbeat and positive, minus the cliches and tropes. If your images aren’t incredible, use the bio to show off your personality.

Bios are not the place to list what types of profile you aren’t swiping on; keep the ultimatums to yourself. It just means we don’t swipe on you, Mr Negative. If you’re not exactly Hemmingway, get a second set of eyes on it to avoid grammatical mistakes.

And now for the kicker – ‘badges’ drive up matches by 227%

Use and abuse badges. In layman terms, you’re a staggering 3.3x more likely to cop a match if you do so. Some clear winners are…

  • Height badge: Put it in inches, fellas. “Taller than you in heels,” doesn’t cut it. We won’t judge you for your height, we’ll judge you for your lack of discretion about your height. The height badge alone will see you getting 50% more matches.
  • Astrology badge: If you (appear to have) reflected on their birth charts, you instantly exude greater romantic capital. Your zodiac gets you 27% more matches. Just play along.
  • Pet badge: If you haven’t declared yourself a pet parent, but all your photos consist of (borrowed) dogs for clickbait, you’ve lost all credibility. This is the only ‘photo or it didn’t happen’ exception to the rule. 

89% of people of Bumble want to date properly

Out of 4 million registered users, 89% means a lot of fish in the sea. But whether it’s digital dating or in real life dating, dating, all the same, is still awkward territory for most. 41% of users are unsure about how to approach dating during COVID, so put them at ease by indicating your comfort level for connecting in your profile. Anyone who doesn’t is immediately labelled as suspicious.

The real winners have their notifications turned ON

You’ve got to put in the effort. You also must have your notifications turned on and be a little active every day so you don’t miss our timely conversations coming through. Specific swiping sessions can seriously maximise your outcomes, too – take Sunday night for example, when Bumble really pops off between 8 pm & 11 pm.

We want to know about your lifestyle. It helps us imagine how we could slot right into it. Lend us a hand by linking your Instagram and syncing your Spotify. If you’re passionate about your beats, we would like to know in advance, and more specifically what ones.

Lastly, use all the features!

There is so much in the Bumble app you can use to sustain the chat. You can send photos, GIFs, play games, send voice notes, make phone and video calls. It’s dating and social networking rolled into one. There’s nothing stopping you from getting to know each other better.

Therefore, if the chat does stall, you can confidently put it down to the lack of connection and not the method of delivery. And that’s fine too! Dating is a numbers game. It’s all part of it it. You can move to another match which has more organic momentum.

The ultimate formula for success

It takes seriously little to get massively ahead. Work with us on this one. We want you to do well. Collectively, Aussie woman have made the first move 65 million times.

The irony is that Darwin would be rolling in his grave over women making the first move. In the animal kingdom, he observed males competing for the attention of females, and her eventually capitulating to a winner. Well, we’re not animals.

Bumble has cracked a winning formula in making women show up and take charge. If you want to compete for our attention, do so by ensuring your profile is up to the task, and that you’re actually going to be keen to engage with anyone you do right swipe.

The odds are in your favour, so go forth boys and reap the rewards of this sweet evolutionary loophole.

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