Cop ALDI’s 82-Inch 4K TV This Weekend For A Wild $1,299

WK 29 705909 82 Inch Ultra HD Smart TV Image 4

If you’re looking for the biggest and best TV on the market, this isn’t it. But if size matters over quality, and you’re ready to throw some money away at a room-consuming party piece, it’s time to cop one of ALDI’s 82-inch 4K Ultra-HD Smart TVs.

This Saturday 24 July, ALDI is releasing a new ‘Funtertainment’ Special Buys range featuring all of your usual suspects, as well as this 208cm-wide monster, clocking in at just $1,299.

Basically, you’ll get what you pay for, but that still includes a full smart TV capability with all your favourite streaming services, as well as a voice assistant on the “magic” remote.

ALDI’s 82-inch 4K TV is available exclusively online this Saturday and can be delivered directly to your door. Time to upgrade (or maybe just upsize) your lockdown viewing game. Run, don’t walk.