Apple’s Cheaper AirPods “Pro Lite” Could Be Arriving In 2020

airpods pro lite

Churned directly from the digital rumour mill, there are now reports indicating a more affordable AirPods Pro Lite could be arriving in 2020. Meaning in a few short months, you could be copping a premium bargain.

The AirPods Pro Lite – name yet to be confirmed – are positioned to be either an entry-level or mid-level offering in Apple’s lineup of wireless earphones. 

Apple’s Cheaper AirPods “Pro Lite” Could Be Arriving In 2020

In terms of pricing, these Pro Lite earbuds will apparently sit somewhere between the standard AirPods (AU$249) and the top end AirPods Pro (AU$399). And given the current price tag for the AirPods Pro, almost anything would be considered cheaper.

If what we’re being told is true, Taiwan’s Universal Scientific Industrial (USI) will “… likely be the main supplier of the new AirPods Pro Lite…”, with the new model said to employ a system-in-package (SiP) chip construction.

Delays, however, may also be in the pipelines. With the near-pandemic that is coronavirus rippling across the continents, Apple products have been facing difficulties in areas of production and shipping. Only time will tell how much this will affect the larger picture, but as of today, it’s certainly worth noting.

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