For $12,000, Leica’s SL3 Will Show You The Future Of Photography
Image Credit: Leica Australia
— 11 March 2024

For $12,000, Leica’s SL3 Will Show You The Future Of Photography

— 11 March 2024
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

While the launch of Leica’s first projector and its consultation on the camera of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra got folks excited, there’s nothing quite like the launch of a new (or old) Leica camera to get photographers very, very excited. As a result, the announcement of the all-new full-frame 60MP SL3 L-mount Leica SL3 is big news in the world of photography — a seismic step up from the SL2 released back in 2019.

This mirrorless full-frame system embodies the esteemed “Made in Germany” hallmark of quality and precision in a big way; merging cutting-edge technology with an interface that is as user-friendly as any ultra high-end camera gets.

Featuring an avant-garde hybrid autofocus system, the SL3 masterfully integrates phase detection, object detection, and contrast detection technologies. In English? This trio of systems operates seamlessly and in tandem; enabling a degree of autofocus so precise it’s bound to set new standards in the industry.

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Leica SL3

Notably more compact and lighter than its predecessors, the SL3 offers an exemplary user experience through its exceptionally intuitive design. It boasts sleek aesthetics; a clean user interface; and clear visual separation between the unit’s photo and video functionalities.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail in Wetzlar, Germany; the SL3’s robust, fully sealed metal housing is constructed with premium materials, promising durability under any weather condition. Developed in collaboration with professional photographers, the SL3 is equipped with a number of connectivity features for seamless data transfer and wireless communication.

These are as follows:

  • CFexpress Type B and SD UHS-II card slots,
  • a USB-C port,
  • full-size HDMI output,
  • and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.

All considered, there’s a lot to love about the new Leica SL3. In short, it promises photographers the best of premium build quality and boundary-pushing technology; united in a compact, user-friendly package.

Really, the only drawback (as with anything in Leica’s universe) is the very deep pockets you’ll need to enjoy the SL3 yourself, which arrives in market for just south of $12,000. You’ve been forewarned.

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