Off The Cuff: Kitting Out The Office With LIFX Smart Lightbulbs

Off The Cuff: Kitting Out The Office With LIFX Smart Lightbulbs

Smart homes are quickly becoming the hottest thing in building, so when the legends at Aussie smart device manufacturer LIFX offered us some bulbs to help kit out our new office, we couldn’t refuse. 

A week later we received a box containing 15 x LIFX A60 bulbs to shed some light on our long and thin office. Before I get into the installation and experience in general, here are the key selling points that LIFX are spruiking with their connected bulbs. 

  • 1 trillion colours (not a typo 😉
  • Emits controllable infrared light for night vision
  • Connects via Wi-Fi no hub needed
  • Homekit, Alexa, Google Assistant, Smart Things and Cortana compatible (and more)
  • Two year limited hardware warranty
  • Schedule on-off, fade, colour change for:
    • Convenience
    • Energy efficiency and
    • Security when away from home

Cool, you’re probably thinking, but what does that mean in reality? Well after about an hour setting up the 15 LIFX A60’s (each bulb takes about four minutes to get screwed in and added to the network), we all agreed pretty much instantly that the new bulbs are our new favourite office gadget – which is seriously saying something in an office which gets about 100 cool new products sent to our door every week.

From the ridiculous brightness levels (LIFX are consistently independently tested to be the brightest smart bulbs on the market), to the epic colour range (we threw an epic office halloween party under an orange hue), power savings, and ease of use – these LIFX bulbs are the real deal.

Of course the the biggest issue with a lot of new technology is reliability. You’d be amazed at the number of products we get sent that we either can’t get working at all, or break after a few uses and are sent to the junk drawer. No such issues with these bulbs, two months in and they haven’t missed a beat. 

Whether they last for the 40,000 hours they’re rated for remains to be seen, but from what we’ve experienced in the Boss Hunting office so far we’re bloody impressed. 

LIFX A60 bulbs are priced at $89.99. Visit to learn more and buy.