This Sydney Agency Is Looking For A ‘Pokemon GO Hunting’ Intern

Pokemon GO mania has well and truly gripped Australia over the past week, and if you live in a city you’ve no doubt seen people walking around glued to their smartphones (more so than usual) virtually hunting for Pokemon.

While it would be lovely to be able to roam the streets playing Pokemon GO all day, not everybody has that luxury. Dave King, strategy partner at Sydney creative agency The Royals certainly doesn’t. God forbid he often doesn’t even have enough time to play table tennis or darts at work!

He does however have the ability to hire interns, and hiring a Pokemon GO hunting intern is what he’s doing. Genius.

King posted a totally legit job ad for this illustrious role on his company’s blog.

“I love Pokemon Go but I have a really busy job at The Royals. I’m so busy. We do a lot of strategy and innovation here. Some days I hardly have time to play table tennis or darts at work. So I’m looking for an intern to take out my second phone each day and find me some Pokemon. I don’t want to get left behind. And I really want an Oddish. You’ll get an incredible amount of exercise (cheaper than a gym membership!), see the sights (it’s like a free city tour) and we can talk about Pokemon before and after each of your hunts. That’s probably the bit I’m looking forward to the most. Apply here.”

R.I.P. Dave’s inbox.