PS5 VR Headset Announced by Sony

PS5 VR announced

In an unexpected overnight blog drop – as is common with Sony – the company has revealed the first details on what we can expect from their next-gen PSVR headset, designed for the PS5. The sequel to the immensely popular VR headset will bring a new perspective to gaming on the PS5, with a number of improvements over the original.

First thing’s first. We’re saying goodbye to the haphazard cord management system that made the PSVR somewhat annoying to use. The new PS5 VR headset will utilise only one single cord to connect to the console, simplifying use, set-up, and supporting a high-fidelity visual experience.

The PlayStation 5 blog notes that there is still plenty of development required to get the PSVR 2 ready for consumer use, so we shouldn’t at all expect to see it delivered for detail in 2021.

Most importantly, the PS5 VR controller will be a complete refresh from the original, incorporating some of the “key features in the DualSense wireless controller“, along with sharper and more efficient ergonomics – which should make VR shooting games much easier. What this most likely means is that the PS5 VR controller will make use of some high degree of nuanced haptic feedback and resistance triggers – like the DualSense does – doubling down on immersion and enhancing VR games to more sensory experiences.

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Sony are also promising enhanced resolution and field-of-view for the PS5 VR. In an interview with Washington Post, Sony CEO Jim Ryan has also revealed that the company will start distributing development kits for the headset “soon”, so it shouldn’t be long before we start to get more details flowing through.

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