Samsung’s Transparent MicroLED Screen Paves The Way For “Vanishing” TVs
— 9 January 2024

Samsung’s Transparent MicroLED Screen Paves The Way For “Vanishing” TVs

— 9 January 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

CES 2024 is officially kicking off, and in true CES fashion, the early previews of cutting-edge tech have already earned our ever-shifting attention. Such as the first-ever transparent MicroLED display Samsung has just unveiled, which offers some promising possibilities for the future of home entertainment.

As far as big screens go, Samsung has perenially sought to deliver a maximal experience while ensuring the form factor is sleek, subtle, and above all else, discreet. This very design philosophy has underpinned everything from the likes of the South Korean tech giant’s Frame and Serif; to the 292-inch Wall.

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Now, Samsung has upped the ante with a completely see-through and bezel-less glass screen, which houses high-pixel density MicroLED chips capable of projecting a crystal-clear image described as almost holographic or illusion-like during the demos (demo width: one centimetre).

A screen, it’s worth adding, that’s capable of “vanishing” or — more appropriately — blending into its surroundings when not in use.

samsung transparent microled
Credit: Sam Mobile

According to a Samsung spokesperson, due to the fact transparent MicroLED displays achieve a higher brightness compared to transparent OLED panels, you can also expect them to be less affected by ambient light.

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Aside from there being close to zero indication regarding when we can expect this to be available for retail purchase, as you can imagine, the other bit of bad news involves what will undoubtedly be a hefty price tag.

As Endgadget rightly points out, Samsung’s current non-transparent MicroLED TVs will set you back a staggering US$150,000 if you’re in the market for a 110-inch model. You do the math.

Check out the Samsung transparent MicroLED screen in action below.

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