Sony Reveals Playstation 5 Specs

Playstation 5 specs

Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X specs earlier this week, giving us a better idea of things to come. Now, Sony has just shown us theirs – and by that I mean the Playstation 5 specs. Is it powerful? For sure. But that isn’t even the highlight about this whole technical shebang – it’s the way it approaches audio (more on that later).

The Playstation 5 specs promises to back up its next-gen classification with some next-gen processing power. This baby can run, and judging by the stats being thrown at us, it’s safe to assume our in-game experience will be both smoother and even more ultra high-definition than ever. We can also safely bid traditional barriers like loading screens a sweet farewell.

Lead console architect, Mark Cerny, touched upon the Playstation 5’s ability to produce ultra realistic audio – or 3D sound, if you will. Players will reportedly be able to experience life-like atmosphere and ambience, to the point where virtual rain drops will feel like real life rain as opposed to a looped sound effect.

This 3D sound is so advanced, in fact, that Sony is currently looking to make players take a test in order to determine their specific Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) profile; as to tailor the aural component of Playstation 5 gaming to the proverbial tee.

Say what you will, but the prospect of 3D audio and potentially biofeedback reading controllers is some next-gen insanity right there. What is still unclear, however, is the overall physical design.

Check out the full run of main performance specs below.

CPU: x86-64-AMD Ryzen™ “Zen 2”, 8 Cores/16 Threads, variable frequency, up to 3.5 GHz
GPU: AMD Radeon™ RDNA 2-based graphics engine, Ray Tracing Acceleration, variable frequency, up to 2.23 GHz (10.3 TFLOPS)
: GDDR6 16 GB
Memory Bandwidth: 448 GB/s
SSD: 825GB, 5.5GB/s Read Bandwidth (Raw)
PS5 Game Disc: Ultra HD Blu-ray™, up to 100GB/disc
Video Output: Support of 4K 120Hz TVs, 8K TVs, VRR (specified by HDMI ver.2.1)
Audio: “Tempest” 3D AudioTech

Watch the full briefing below.

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