Robert Downey Jr Is Giving Away Vintage Cars From His Collection
— 7 August 2023

Robert Downey Jr Is Giving Away Vintage Cars From His Collection

— 7 August 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Robert Downey Jr might not ever return as the MCU’s Tony Stark / Iron Man, but the man is certainly keen on emulating his most iconic role in real life, especially when it comes to his vintage car collection — a portion of which has been eco-modified and set aside for a giveaway competition.

As some of you may have heard, the 58-year-old Oppenheimer actor has been collaborating on this project with the Edward Charles Foundation in an effort to fundraise for his climate tech venture capital company: FootPrint Coalition. The entire process has also been documented by the new HBO Max series Downey’s Dream Cars.

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“We are what we drive, and having amassed a formidable collection of classic cars over the years, I was a petrol-spewing mess. And a hypocrite, as I’d founded the Footprint Coalition in 2019 to scale technologies that mitigate climate change. Fortunately, I’m a bit of a dreamer,” explained RDJ himself.

“The last three years have been an experiment in hope, as I engaged the best and brightest minds to evaluate, educate, elevate, and decarbonise these vehicles in a way that demonstrates the limitless potential of creative problem-solving.”

Downey Jr added: “Making Downey’s Dream Cars come true with Max was an education and a blast. Keeping these transformed classic vehicles for my own personal enjoyment would be a missed opportunity.”

So what’s up for grabs from Robert Downey Jr’s car collection?

Check them out below.

Robert Downey Jr Car Collection (Giveaway Listings)

Robert Downey Jr Car Collection - Vintage Eco-Modified Giveaway Competition

1965 Chevrolet Corvette

Original MSRP: US$4,321
Current value: US$200,000
Modification hours: 2,450

“RDJ’s Dream Corvette has a 327 cubic inch engine with 300 horsepower and two-speed Powerglide Automatic transmission. Its original colour was Glen Green with a Saddle Vinyl Interior.”

1966 Buick Riviera

Original MSRP: US$4,408
Current value: US$150,000
Modification hours: 2,225

“RDJ’s Dream Riviera is from the first year of the second generation of the Riviera. Its original colour was Burgundy Mist with a Black Vinyl interior.”

1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SE

Original MSRP: US$6,461
Current value: US$100,000
Modification hours: 725

“RDJ’s Dream Mercedes is from the last generation of Mercedes automobiles that were hand-built, originally manufactured to go up to 130 mph.”

1972 Chevrolet K10 Pickups

Original MSRP: US$2,796
Current value: US$200,000
Modification hours: 3,725 

“RDJ’s Dream K10 is from last year of the fourth generation Chevy Pickup series. Known as the ‘Action Line,’ new features included padded dashboards, energy-absorbing steering wheels, and dual master-cylinder brake systems.”

1972 VW Bus

Original MSRP: US$3,848
Current value: US$200,000
Modification hours: 3,850

“RDJ’s Dream VW Bus was originally manufactured with the same engine as the Beetle and was popular due to its large interior which could seat up to nine people.”

1985 Chevrolet El Camino

Original MSRP: US$8,933
Current value: US$175,000
Modification hours: 2,845 

“The Chevrolet El Camino was first introduced in 1959 in response to Ford’s wildly successful Ranchero. Never intended to be a true off-road vehicle, Robert’s El Camino was modified and can handle light off-road duty.”

“The goal of this yearlong sweepstakes is to raise significant funding to help environmental technologies take hold in a more systemic way,” said Rachel Kropa, FootPrint Coalition’s Managing Director of Non-profit & Science.

“There are a ton of dedicated folks working on the sweepstakes and featured in this show, and they’re only a tiny fraction of the millions of people who are actively volunteering their skills in restoring the planet.”

“Our job is a race to curate the solutions that can change human systems in the timeliest manner — from research to rollout to new normal.”

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Robert Downey Jr Car Collection - Vintage Eco-Modified Giveaway Competition

Hit the link at the bottom of this article for your chance to own one of these beauties — with or without a donation. Entries are now open with the first drawing scheduled for February 9th of 2024 (legal residents over the age of 18 in the US, UK, and Canada — excluding Quebec — only for practical reasons).

As for Downey’s Dream Cars, it’s now streaming in its entirety on Max (US); Australian release date + platform TBA. According to the official description:

Robert Downey Jr loves restoring classic cars. But he’s also become dedicated to fighting climate change. So he’s bringing his beloved old cars into the future, making them faster, more powerful, and more efficient while keeping their souls intact.

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