This Mansory Armoured G-Class Is One Mean Set Of Wheels

This Mansory Armoured G-Class Is One Mean Set Of Wheels

In the market for a mean set of wheels that’ll be sure to make a statement? Either way, get a load of this Mansory Armoured G-Class G63. A vehicle for the bold; a vehicle for rolling deep’ a vehicle for letting everyone know who the fuck you are before you even pull up to say a word (with strobes in the grille to announce your arrival if the message isn’t clear enough). 

Speaking of words, I’ve got exactly one for this beast: baller

It takes a very important person to require an armoured vehicle. And sure, perhaps you might not warrant such protection… but why take that chance? You’re a big-time mover and shaker. You need a whip that can withstand the potential spray of bullets at any given moment.

All kidding aside, the Mansory’s G-Class obviously boasts of a bulkier aesthetic with 41mm reinforced windows. The body offers VPAM4/VPAM7 protection. Which is sufficient enough to stop handgun fire in its lowest format as well as 30-calibre rifle rounds. 

The engine has been modified for a power upgrade of either 700 or 800 horsepower, based on the Mansory video description. Certain sources suspect the power upgrade will lean more towards the 800-mark based on the rear badge. Meaning this custom job isn’t just all talk – it’s also the real-deal walk.

Currently, there is no word on any other specifications or even a price for that matter. Much of the information provided has been visually deduced from what materials Mansory has posted.

In the meantime – view the video snippet and full gallery above.