The Polydrops Trailer Has Enough Power To Go Off-Grid For Six Days

polydrops trailer

California-based operation Polydrops has developed the futuristic, stylish, and lightweight P17A camper trailer, which offers hotel room-level comfort wherever the road takes you (albeit in a relatively compact fashion).

Built for electric cars, heavy-duty motors, and practically every other vehicle in between, the angular form factor has been streamlined to be as aerodynamic as possible, thereby reducing resistance by 55% and allowing for an easier tow.

While a major focus of the Polydrops marketing involves the all-electric 2.4-kWh LFP battery system (base) integrated within the bottom of the trailer, which can reportedly power this aluminium rig and all its amenities for up to six days, many have expressed their scepticism.

As noted by Robb Report, the company’s calculation was achieved by running the trailer’s HVAC system for just three hours a day, lights for four hours, and the fridge for 10 hours. Divided that across six days, and that’s not a whole lot of actual usage per 24-hour cycle. Regardless of the actual duration, there’s no denying this option certainly balances cosiness and efficiency without a discernible sacrifice on either.

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Other key features include the following:

  • Wide Interior
    “The P17A’s interior is wider than the built-in full-sized mattress, thanks to the 6″ of the armrest on both sides door paths.”
  • Kitchenette
    “The optional kitchenette module is accessible both from the cabin and outside… No need to crawl out for a bottle of water in the middle of the night.” – hand-pump sink, battery-powered stove, fridge, storage, etc.
  • Control Panel
    “Control the P17A’s system like a pro. Thermostat with A/C and heater, inverter/charger monitor, lighting switches, vent fan controller, 12V cigarette port, USB charging port comes standard.” 
  • Solar Panels
    “The 260W solar panels to charge the trailer, included in a standard P17A can be upgraded up to 520W.”

The Polydrops P17A camper trailer has a base price of US$24,990 with upgrade packages that can set you back a hefty US$36,000 total – find out more below.

polydrops trailer
polydrops trailer
polydrops trailer