Reddit Thread Asking What The Most Overrated Car Is Receives 4,000 Responses
2007 subaru impreza wrx sti spec c ra r fast car history lesson
— 27 February 2020

Reddit Thread Asking What The Most Overrated Car Is Receives 4,000 Responses

— 27 February 2020
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

A fresh Reddit thread on r/cars posed an age-old question with quite the spicy implications: What is your most overrated car?

Here are the top picks from 4,000+ comments.

Straight off the bat, Maserati cops it on the grille…


“Any Maserati but especially the Ghibli. Overpriced FCA garbage that [are] leased by international students or people that want to appear rich.”


Maseratis from 1999-current. They’re just the worst.


For me, it’s gotta be anything Maserati makes right now. Cheap Chrysler switchgear and Maserati logos all over the interior make it clear that all your money is going to the Maserati name and nowhere else.

And then there was your usual banter surrounding Range Rovers…


Range Rovers. [W]hen you see someone in a Range Rover, you’d think that they’re rich people on their way to their job at Wall Street or something. [B]ut really, they’re on their way to the mechanic because they’re having 20 electrical issues at once after 30,000km.

(response to u/yo-homie-big-nesh) u/greenfroggie1

My favourite is that I know someone who thinks his particular Range Rover was a lemon. He’s trading it in for another one (his or company dime) but it’s hilarious knowing he’s expecting a more reliable car.

(response to u/yo-homie-big-nesh) u/smashingcones

Ah so that’s why they’re always cutting me off without an indicator, electrical issues!

I swear RR drivers are the biggest cunts on the road.

Subaru also receives a bit of a beating…


Subaru WRX. Mediocre cheap plastic interior and tons of rev hang. Not to mention endless problems with the clutch plate and the flywheel. The only automatic option is a rubber banding CVT that drones on and on.

(response to u/roro_mush) u/SaddestBoyz2k19

Don’t forget all the understeer.

Mash the gas in a corner? Understeer. Lift? Understeer. Neutral throttle? Understeer. I swear this car could find a way to push the front end even when going in a straight fucking line.


Based on resale prices, WRX.

(response to u/MyUsernameIsJudge) Paublo57

laughs in evo

But god I still want one so badly


Used Subarus. I ain’t paying 1,000-2,000 Euros for a Subaru that got [dropped] to the ground because rust weakened structural rigidity of the shock tower.

Young Turks of the automobile industry, Tesla, gets their fair share…


Tesla’s. Holy shit are the interiors so bad and dull for luxury cars. And the exterior is mundane imho. They are the iPhone of cars but because they are the trendy tech people are buying without thinking about it.


Tesla Tesla Tesla – Always Tesla, like not even any specific model just the brand in general.


Tesla. Any model Tesla.

And, of course, there’s always the miscellaneous hate…


[Toyota] AE86

I like drifting tofu delivery vehicles as much as anyone, but it’s still a 30 year old Corolla.


BMW E32 2l 1989. Nothing but problems. That car bled me dry, and I bought it nearly brand new (yes I’m that old, and no I didn’t need help posting this).


Any new $80k diesel pickup that won’t ever pull a trailer.

Read the complete thread here.

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