Parking Tickets In Melbourne & Sydney Have Been Suspended

parking tickets

Parking tickets in both Sydney and Melbourne CBD’s have just been scrapped – at least when it comes to overstaying your welcome in a green zone. Parking fines associated with red signs, however, will continue as usual – so don’t go rushing to stick your Corolla in a loading zone, disability spot, or emergency services space…a pretty good rule in general for not being a dick, really.

The decision to remove parking infringements for the time being first came from Melbourne’s Lord Mayor, Sally Capp, who stated parking tickets would not be issued in the city green sign parks. Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, issued a similar statement. Moore has said that parking rangers “… would use their discretion…” and only issue fines if actions are deemed an imminent public or environmental health and safety risk.

These temporary allowances have been implemented to in order to ease the financial burden of the collective. It goes without saying that public traffic has dropped significantly in the past week, given the orders to shut down all non-essential services, which have consequently had a far reaching economic impact.

I suppose the last thing anyone needs right now is to cop a parking ticket for staying in one spot five minutes longer than dictated. Either way, stay on your toes out there. And don’t take any risks unless absolutely imperative, parking related or otherwise.

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