101-Year-Old Skier Shares His ‘Powder Philosophy’

101-Year-Old Skier Shares His ‘Powder Philosophy’

George Jedenoff, a 101-year-old Utah native has been skiing his local slopes for the last 59 seasons. Yep, 59 consecutive seasons.

The humble old-timer shared some insightful wisdom towards the end of his 55th season crediting his longevity to an intangible phenomenon he titled “The Powder Philosophy.” He maintains that just because you might not be able to do something as well as you used to, that’s no reason to give it up.

For George, skiing has always been more than just the sport itself. It’s a mantra, a way of life. This alternate perspective, this reinvigorated appreciation for the world he gets every year, is his reason for coming back.

George says skiing is the best way to reflect on his time and he encourages everyone to get outside and do the same. At that age, you know how to make the most of days. His only regret is that he didn’t start sooner, rather than the age of 42.

It’s time we take one out of George’s playbook. Stop messing around, find that passion and go for it. Who knows, maybe you’ll be as lucky as him to still be doing what you live for at 101-years-old.

Here’s to another ripper season, legend. We’ll check back in when you crack the ton.

*2019 Update: This article is a modified version of the original article published when George was 98-years-old. Told ya we’d check back in, keep getting those turns in mate!