Casey Neistat Is Here To Help You Do More

If you’re like me, right about now you have that feeling that there is still 8 hours of work left tomorrow to drag through before the weekend rolls around and you can get that well deserved 48 hours of freedom. Luckily for us, Casey Neistat has put up a clip with just the right amount of motivation in it to power you through.

For those not familiar with his work, Casey is basically the kid who dropped out of school at 15 and lived in a trailer park with his girlfriend and child until he one day decided that life wasn’t for him, went against the everyone who said he couldn’t and moved to New York. From there he has cofounded Social Media company Beme, had an autobiographical T.V. show with his brother Van and become a YouTube sensation. Basically your ultimate rags to riches story…now to dig up that camera from the back of the cupboard.