Simon Sinek On The Problem With Millennials

Simon Sinek On The Problem With Millennials

To all you over-entitled, self-interested, lazy and narcissistic millennials out there (myself included) – it’s not your fault!

At least that’s the message from esteemed motivational author and public speaker Simon Sinek.

Sinek is extremely well regarded for his multiple books and professional talks focused largely in the field of business motivation. Trained in ethnography (the understanding of people’s customs, habits and mutual differences), Sinek is most famous for his book Start With Why. Often asked about how to manage millennials, he doesn’t hold back outlining the many flaws of our generation. Over-privileged, demanding, unfocused, beanbag loving and cell phone addicted just to name a few.

Unlike most ramblings about millennials, Sinek doesn’t stop with spelling out the issue. He asks why and then goes about explaining himself and even offers some solutions to the problem. Hugely passionate, exceedingly intelligent and a visionary thinker, Sinek has a unique way of connecting with his audience.

So shut down Snapchat, pause your binge of crap TV and hold off Instagramming your food for 15 minutes and watch the video above.